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We should be on guard about the stratagems being planned against Turkey for the elections and its aftermath

Turkey has been going through important turning points over the last few years. Astonishing and major events take place at every turn. The wisdom and foresight of the Turkish nation are an important factor in overcoming these difficult times.

Turkey, which the entire Islamic world is looking up to and watching carefully, will again be faced by major events in the days ahead, particularly as the 2015 general elections approach. It is exceedingly important to properly calculate what the potential developments may be and to take appropriate measures for the future of our country.

There is no doubt that the ‘peace process’ will be one of the most important key factors in the upcoming elections. Putting an end to news reports of people being martyred, improvements in democracy and the spread of freedoms are things that everyone will genuinely support. That being said, the PKK’s own perspective on the world must also not be ignored. The PKK is a terror organization that seeks to establish an independent communist Kurdistan and that is determined to achieve that aim by force of arms. Although the organization changes its tactics from time to time, it never veers away from its primary aim. It is trying to achieve control over the region through various delaying tactics.

We must therefore not forget that we are dealing with an organization that has established a mafia-like presence in the region, controls people’s lives through threats and guns, recognizes no right to life of those who disagree with it, obstructs the activities of other political parties and civil society organizations, blocks roads, demands protection money, kidnaps workers, sets ambushes, burns industrial machinery, sets up so-called police stations and courts, holds trials and punishes people in those kangaroo courts and totally disregards public order. Indeed, the events at the beginning of October - in which 50 people lost their lives - once again revealed the organization’s true face.

Why Is the HDP Running in the Elections As a Political Party?

One interesting report as the elections approach is that the HDP has announced it will be running as a party, rather than as independent candidates. Obviously, in all democratic countries, just as it is in Turkey, all parties are free to choose the way they will stand in elections. However, if the decisions taken are intended to have an adverse impact on Turkey’s future, then the nation and institutions of state need to be on their guard.

If the HDP runs as a party, it will be almost impossible for it to enter the Parliament. That reasonably raises the question, “Why is the HDP content to remain outside Parliament right from the outset?” There may be several answers to this question. One of the most important and serious possibilities is that it will seek to impose various demands on the government and to force the government into a corner to make sure that those demands are met in the wake of the elections.

Although attempts are made to camouflage these issues by expressing them in different ways, its basic demands include the granting of autonomy to the Southeast, declaring a general amnesty to include the PKK and releasing Abdullah Öcalan. Both our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu have said on many occasions that these demands will never be accepted. Mr. Erdoğan stresses the concept of “one state, one nation, one flag and one country” almost every time he speaks, and says that he will agree to nothing that would shame the nation, and particularly the families of the martyrs. Mr. Davutoğlu has emphasized that the essential point in all talks is the preservation of a unitary state. Public opinion polls also reveal that the nation is opposed to these demands, and particularly to releasing Öcalan.

Despite this determination on the part of the government and the nation, the 2015 elections may still be used as a tool for imposing those demands. The HDP running as a party in the elections is no doubt fully aware of the fact that it cannot pass the election threshold, and this will mean the AKP winning more seats in all likelihood. But the resulting situation will be used against the AKP right after the elections. First of all, no matter how incorrect this is, the impression will be given that the AKP has forged a kind of alliance with the HDP, which would be most troubling to the AKP grassroots and the public. Secondly, the AKP will be given the message, “We have given you the chance to do everything you wanted, so now do what we want, otherwise we will give you no peace.” The message will also be sent abroad saying, “Although we took part in democratic elections, we were excluded. Our right to representation has been taken away because Turkey is not a fully democratic country. You must put the appropriate pressure on Turkey.” The idea recently expressed by various columnists stating that  ‘there may be clashes on the streets that go on for months if the HPD fails to enter Parliament,’ and the declarations by certain HDP politicians justifying street protests are very important in that context.

After the elections, on the pretext of being deprived of democratic representation, violent street protests will be stepped up, attacks will be committed and an atmosphere of chaos will be produced. The government will be told, ‘We did not give you this authority for nothing.’ Meanwhile, pressure will be placed on the government from various institutions overseas to accept those demands in the name of ‘democracy.’

A plan intended to:

· Prepare the way for autonomous infrastructure under the pretext of strengthening local administrations,

· Establish effective autonomy by setting up local assemblies,

· Have Öcalan released and brought in to head this autonomous regional administration,

· Have a general amnesty declared and allow both detained terrorists and those still up in the mountains to descend onto the streets,

· Assign the armed terrorists up in the mountains as a supposed security force in the region,

· Create a linguistic barrier between our people by imposing mother tongue education and make it impossible for people to understand one another, in short, to gradually break the region away from Turkey entirely,

will be set in motion.

Intense domestic and external pressure will leave Turkey with no option other than accepting autonomy, a general amnesty and the release of Öcalan, and thus the plan to break Turkey up – a plan that the world’s secret states have been working on since the day Öcalan was handed over to Turkey - will have been set in motion.

What Must Be Done?

If the HDP is not involved in such an ignominious plan, then it should set it out explicitly in such a way to satisfy the entire public. Instead of making comments that foolishly undervalue our people’s intelligence and foresight, it must make clear, comprehensible and unequivocal statements. The danger that autonomy poses to Turkey will not disappear when nebulous language is used or when it is disguised by saying, ‘We want it, not for ourselves, but for the whole country.’ Not a single village in Turkey, let alone the whole of the Southeast, can be left at the mercy of an armed terrorist organization. Nobody anywhere in the world can turn a blind eye to an organization that attacks people for having beards, shoots those who do not behave as they wish and that spreads terror among ordinary people; no state anywhere in the world would abandon its own citizens to such evil. Turkey will therefore never agree to autonomy, no matter what it is called or how it is presented. The well-being and happiness of the Kurds lies, not in autonomy but in a Great Turkey, in Islamic unity and in the moral values of the Qur’an prevailing across the region.

Our government must be fully on its guard against this trap. The AKP has got where it is today with the support and legitimate votes of the people and will never stoop to unlawful votes. It is important for that fact to be emphasized more emphatically to eliminate the sedition on this subject. More frequent reiteration of the fact that our state is opposed to autonomy, that Öcalan will never be released and that no move will ever be made that might disgrace out martyrs - and that a general amnesty will never be raised - will do much good to the hearts of our people.

Progress on democracy and broadening freedoms are necessary for all of Turkey, not just the Southeast. The best course is to desire  merit and  blessings not just for people of one’s own ethnicity, but for all of Turkey and indeed, all mankind. God will definitely grant success to those who adopt such an honest perspective, to those who abandon communist ideology and instead strive for Great Turkey. What those who want to build something like North Korea in the region must not forget is this; God will never bestow success on the cruel. Cruelty is condemned to annihilation.

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