Harun Yahya

The plots of the World deep state to divide the Middle East

The deep states of the U.S. and Europe want the PKK to be equipped with heavy weapons on the pretext of fighting in Syria and Iraq. Yet there is something everyone agrees on, which is that the PKK would use those weapons to eliminate all their opponents, particularly Muslims in the region, making no distinctions between Turks, Kurds, Alawites or Sunnis. That would result in a climate of repression, violence and terror that would make the days of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot, who annihilated some one-third his own people, pale into insignificance and would literally turn the region into a hell on earth.


A Stalinist terror organization, the PKK would have no qualms about fighting Turkey in line with the directives of those who arm it on one hand while slaughtering its opponents on the other. These certain foreign powers are known to have published so-called maps of Kurdistan in their own publishing organs and are striving to prepare the region for these imaginary new borders. Secret powers that wish to engage the PKK in fighting in order to try out their brand new weapons and break Turkey apart will willingly provide the PKK with all kinds of logistic and intelligence support.


Another objective in the context of the PKK is to use this Stalinist and anti-Islamic terror organization to put down - and even annihilate - Muslims in the Middle East. On the other hand, seeing the West’s alarm in the face of radical organizations, the PKK is concentrating its policies and statements around Islamophobia. Ever since its foundation in 1974, the PKK has literally been engaged in a policy of genocide against Muslim Kurds and has inflicted repression and slaughter on those local residents who reject its own Marxist-Leninist philosophy and presence. This makes it extremely useful for those who wish to build such a wall between Turkey and Islamic countries. The aim is thus to build a red wall, reminiscent of North Korea, between Muslims.


The PKK, which has perpetrated ruthless killings ever since its foundation, embodies the hired assassins of the kind the deep states of the U.S. and Europe could only dream of. This terror organization has assumed the job of perpetrating treacherous and cowardly murders, of just the kind that these secret states are looking for. The PKK will be used to fight in all those places where the Western powers would not wish to send troops for land operations, and the immaculate, radiant and devout people of the region will inevitably be dragged into the fighting. The PKK has established a veritable empire of fear in the region by martyring at least 15,000 of our Kurdish citizens over the last 40 years; by recruiting a child from just about every family into its own mafia-like organization, it has dragged them into this violence. It would therefore be an easy matter for this evil terror organization to repress the people of the region and drag millions of Kurdish citizens into the fighting.

Our radiant Kurdish brothers in Diyarbakır, Muş, Bingöl, Van, Bitlis, Hakkari, Batman and all other provinces in the Southeast of Turkey will be forced into this trap, and tears, bloodshed and war will never end in the region or the Middle East as a whole. That would be a tragedy for the region and would spell nothing short of genocide for the Kurds. Some people want to sacrifice Turkey and all the Kurds on the altar of their false policies of hatred and the idea of ‘preventing violence with violence.’ At the same time, of course, Turkey’s economy would be badly weakened, the country would be broken up and the Middle East would become a region where the dajjal performs his bloody rituals.

On the other hand, it also needs to be explained that a Stalinist PKK  state  would also represent a grave danger to the West, just like the North Korean regime. The communist PKK will also get weapons from communist countries possessing nuclear weapons and, once it is too late to stop it, will turn into a migraine headache the West.


The aim with the PKK is not to establish a supposed democratic and free land, but to lead our country into a trap resulting in all Kurds being made to fight and in the break-up of Turkey. No success has ever been achieved with violence, and those who sow violence inevitably end up reaping it. What needs to be done is to eliminate the ideology of the PKK and ensure that policies of love, not hate, prevail in the region. If that path is followed, a PKK whose ideology has been destroyed will never enjoy traction in the region, and common sense will emerge victorious.

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