Harun Yahya

'Who is the most influential muslim in the world?' (17.11.2009 United Kingdom/Reuters)

Mr.Adnan Oktar has been included among the list of figures active in the field of science and technology in the book The 500 Most Influential Muslims, published by Georgetown University in USA. The listing in the book said:


Writing under the pen name Harun Yahya, Adnan Oktar has gained international prominence as a spokesperson for creationism but garners influence from his numerous and extensively distributed publications about Islam, and Islamic children’s books.

Reuters, the world’s leading news agency, carried a report on the book on its web site on November 17, 2009, headed "POLL: The world’s top 500 Muslims?" Tom Heneghan, from the Reuters Paris office, sought an answer to the question “Who is the most influential Muslim in the world?" by publishing a new poll. Some 2 million people voted in the poll, with 41% of respondents replying "Adnan Oktar" and 2% "Harun Yahya," thus declaring Mr. Oktar to be the most influential Muslim in the world.

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