Harun Yahya

Harun Yahya Malaysia conferences (April 25 - April 29 2014)

The Masjid University Shah Alam – Malaysia April 25th, 2014 


In the Masjid University of Shah Alam, the Capital of Selangor, Conferences on “The Collapse of the Evolution Theory” and “The Creation Fact” were held. Following the conferences held with the participation of university students and academicians, Harun Yahya books in English and Malay were exhibited and distributed to the participants.





Putra World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia April 26th, 2014


In the International Book Fair held in Putra World Trade Center, Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya was introduced on the Saba Islamic Media Publishing stand. This aside a conference on the invalidity of Darwinism was held. The Malaysian readers as well as those from various other countries paid close attention to the English and Malay Harun Yahya books and documentaries exhibited at the stand.




Wilayah Mosque Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia April 27th, 2014  


In the conference held in Wilayah Mosque, the biggest mosque of Kuala Lumpur, 300 Muslim speakers and preachers who preach Islam to atheists were informed about the influential methods preaching Islam and information about Islam. The main theme of the conference was the invalidity of Darwinism and the Miracles of Creation. The audience said that they have benefited greatly from the information conveyed and are very pleased with the entire organization.






Malaysia Islamic Bank – Conference on ‘The Invalidity of Darwinism Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia April 28th, 2014  




Petronas MLNG Complex – Conference on ‘The Invalidity of Darwinism Bintulu – Malaysia April 29th, 2014  



Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair



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