Harun Yahya

Darwinists: ''We confess, Ida is not a transitional form, it is a complete and perfect living being!'' (but, when did they confess this? Right after Harun Yahya revealed their lies.)

It will be recalled that Darwinists tried to publicize the fossil named Ida as the so-called ancestor of human beings in May 2009. We had announced a declaration right away and ended speculations by clarifying that this fossil that is presented to be the so-called ancestor of human beings through wide speculation of mainstream media did in fact belong to a lemur. You may read our statements on Ida, the lemur fossil, here and also here. As a result, the “Ida show”put on play by some Darwinist circles had immediately come to an end. As a matter of fact, anyone having a perspective of true science would instantly see that Ida is a perfect living being with consummate existence for 47 million years unlike the speculations. This fossil preserved in 95% intact form with almost all details present for investigation contained NOT EVEN ONE STRUCTURE WHICH SHOWS ANY INTERMEDIARY FEATURE. This extraordinary finding IS AN EVIDENCE FOR FACT OF CREATION.

Thus when these developments became so apparent as to be concealed no more, Darwinists were compelled to confess. According to reports simultaneously published in October 2009 by various Darwinist media institutions such as New York Times and BBC, Darwinists had to acknowledge that Ida is not an intermediary form, but a lemur species that lived 47 million years ago in full and perfect form just as we had explained.

Darwinism is an obsolete theory with no scientific evidence and is striven to be kept alive only to allegedly provide scientific arguments in favour of materialist philosophy. Previously, similar to Ida deception, Darwinist forgeries such as Nebraska Man, Archaeoraptor and Piltdown Man occupied public agenda in print media and so-called scientific magazines for days. In each one of these examples, evolutionist propaganda and “missing link found” fabrications turned out to be a disgrace for Darwinists and they had to retract their statements. The so-called“missing link” propaganda carried on the lemur fossil named Ida is once again rendered null and deceitful. Yet again Darwinists had to accept their defeat in dishonor. Truth is Almighty Allah has created the entire living beings and theory of evolution is not a scientific approach but a pagan religion. NOT ONLY ONE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN FOUND TO SUPPORT EVOLUTION UP UNTIL OUR DAY AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ONE FROM NOW ONWARD. Because Allah has created the entire living beings in their original form out of nothing and all at once.

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