Harun Yahya

Physical characteristics of Jesus (pbuh)


- His eyes are as a flame of fire. They are grey in color, filled with extreme brilliance

- He is a man of medium to tall stature

- He has broad shoulders and thin waist.

- The countenance of His face is both serious and active, His appearance is polite and joyful,

- His nose and mouth are altogether blameless.

- His nose is small and very beautiful

- He has freckles on his face

- He is of athletic stature

- His forehead is smooth and clean, His face is decorated with a light pink color

- His beard is thick being of the same color of His hair

- His hands and arms were graceful.

- His hair is both chestnut and golden in coloring.

- His feet and hands are clean and bright

- He is active and strong

- He has fine long fingers and his perfectly shaped hands

- His hair is smooth up to his ears and wavy down his shoulders

- People could not be satisfied when looking upon Him, nor did they want to take their attention away from Him.

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