Harun Yahya

Spilling blood is unlawful, using atom bomb is unlawful, and iran will not attack anyone (from Çay TV interview, October 1st 2009)

… I really did say such a thing, and I have just said it now, and things have been happening just as I said. They want us to go to war with Iran, and that is new cunning. They have been prowling around Iran. They thought it would be better to have Turkey go to war with them than to waste their own time and money on the task, to set two Muslim sides against one another and thus to avoid any costs themselves. And both sides would become weak. They cunningly calculated that this would make their job even easier.

But we will not fall for that. Iran is our friend and brother. We love Iran.
Iran is full of passionate admirers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Because a great many of them are Turks. Almost half of Iran is Turkish. Even more than half. For example, Ayatollah Shariat Medari is Turkish. Many of their senior commanders are Turkish. Many Iranian troops are Turkish. This plan is a very amateurish one lacking in good conscience. Anyone applauding it is acting disgracefully. What we will do is to strive shoulder to shoulder with Iran against disbelief and madness. Insha’Allah. By Allah’s leave, we will not permit a hair on Iran’s head to be harmed. That is out of the question. They are very dear to us. Theirs is a giant country from end to end, a great country. Its past goes back to the furthest depths of history. Theirs is a noble state, a noble nation. Made up of immaculate Muslims. Such a plan is highly dangerous.

But I have spoken again today. I sent my greetings to President Ahmadinejad. I sent him news. You will see him give excellent addresses, insha’Allah. He will thwart this plan and make very sincere and excellent speeches, by Allah’s leave. He is already doing this, but he will do it even more. For example, he said they would obliterate Israel. All tight, but he corrected himself. Because the destruction of Israel (referring to ateist Zionist ideology) is to be done with ideas, with love, affection, compassion and friendship, not with bombs, blood and guns. That is how you will destroy it.

We have immaculate Jewish brothers there. And Christian brothers and Muslim brothers. Why should those places, holy places, be destroyed? There is the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. There are the tombs of the prophets. These are places that must be scrupulously protected. There are lovely Jewish children with their long ringlets there and immaculate Palestinian youngsters. A child could tell you that no such thing will happen there. They will be scrupulously protected and watched over.

Pointing to Iran all the time is a ruse. Saying it will bomb and attack others. No such thing will happen. He made a slip of the tongue but then corrected it, and will correct it still further. I requested him, insha’Allah. People will see this in the coming days, insha’Allah. That is why Iran is a source of love, affection and compassion and has always adopted a defensive policy to date. Iran will not attack anyone. Iraq attacked it, and they then defended themselves. Iran is not a country with a thirst for war. Spilling blood is a sin. Using the atom bomb is a sin in Shiite belief, Sunni belief and Jaferite belief. They will never do such a thing. But if it is going to make use of nuclear energy, let it. So what? All countries use nuclear energy. Are there any countries that do not use nuclear energy? Let them use it, too, insha’Allah.

If it is to make an atom bomb, Israel already has atom bomb. India and Pakistan and Russia all have atom bomb. America has a mass of nuclear weapons. France has them. Italy has the atom bomb. The problem is one of eliminating all those nuclear weapons. In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) there will be no hydrogen bombs or atom bombs. They will all be eliminated and it will be an age of total peace and brotherhood. Only plastic guns might be left around for children to play with. There will be no need even for them. They get children thinking of bad things. By Allah’s leave there will not even be any cap guns left. We used to have plastic water pistols when we were children that we filled up and squirted one another with. There will not even be any need for water pistols. Because they remind one of weapons and will also be eliminated. Insha’Allah. By Allah’s leave.

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