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Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles are published in the world's greatest Newspapers, magazines and websites.


With his valuable contribution in the fields of peace and love, Mr. Adnan Oktar is undoubtedly one of those instrumental in very important developments in world politics. Mr. Oktar, who is prominent with his opinions in world renowned newspapers, also takes his place as a columnist in hundreds of major media outlets in many countries of the world.

The USA, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, England, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Yemen, Australia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Israel, Germany, Iran, Kuwait, United Emirates of Arabia, Japan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, Oman, El Salvador are but a few of those countries.

In his works, Mr. Oktar touches on matters like the love and peace which constitute the basis of Islamic morality and which is the subject matter most needed for humanity in our time. In his articles, Mr. Oktar also emphasizes solutions from the Qur'an and the hadiths for the world to attain peace.

Some examples from worldwide papers, magazines and internet websites in which articles and interviews of Mr. Oktar have been published between the years 2001-2014 are listed below:

USA/Huffington Post, Pakistan/The Nation, Italy/La Voce, USA/Your Middle East, Malaysia/The Malaysian Insider, UK/Scotland’s Chronicle, Saudi Arabia/Arab News, Malaysia/Harakah, Indonesia/The Jakarta Post, Kuwait/Kuwait Times, Malaysia/Malaysia Today, Malaysia /New Straits Times, Azerbaijan/Qlob Xeber, Egypt/OnIslam.net, United Arab Emirates /The Gulf Today, India/Radiance Views Weekly, El Salvador/Revista Biblioteca Islamica, USA/NewsRescue.com, UK/Shafaqna.com, Bosnia Herzegovina/Pan Bosnijak, Iran/Azadnegar, USA/MbMuslima, Egypt/Islamonline, Saudi Arabia/Al Daawah, Qatar/Islamonline, USA/Media Monitors Network, Yemen Arab Republic/Yemen Times, USA/Al Jumuah, Australia/Crescent Times, Australia/Wake Up Call, Canada/The Ambition, USA/The Muslim Observer, Azerbaijan/Yükseliş Namine, United Arab Emirates /Dubai Sun, Kyrgyzstan /Muslim.kg, Azerbaijan/Ömür Yolu, Indonesia/Hidayatullah, Tanzania/Business & Information Zine (BIZ), Nigeria/The Ultimate Explanations, India/Young Muslim Digest, USA/Amana, Libya/Al Daawa Al Islamia, Azerbaijan/Yeni Hikmet, USA/Urdu Times, USA/Quest, Bosnia Herzegovina /The Kosova Times, Indonesia/Hidayatullah, USA/The Message International, Pakistan/Motherhood Periodical, United Arab Emirates /Dubai Religious Affairs, Albania/Gazeta Besa, Kazakhstan/Ruhani Ömür, Kazakhstan/Almaty Herald, Republic of South Africa /The Muslim Woman, Japan/The Journal Of Islamic Guidance, Brazil/Revista Criacionista, Italy/Il Puro Islam, USA/Aalim, USA/Al-Akhbar, USA/Arizona Muslim Voice, Holland/Ekin, USA/Mirror International, USA/IQRA, USA/The Rising Star, Pakistan/Global Science, USA/The Amana Voice, Bosnia Herzegovina/Islamic World, Kazakhstan/Çimkent Daily, Greece/Hür Hakka Davet, Holland/Euro Huzur, USA/Illumination Magazine, Brazil/ Revista Criacionista, Indonesia/La Republika, Sri Lanka/Al Hasenat, Kazakhstan/Turkistan, USA/Culture Wars, Holland/Platform, Indonesia/TARBAWI, Azerbaijan/Ilğım, Poland /Na Poczatku, USA/Insight Magazine, Bosnia Herzegovina/Ogledalo, Indonesia/Insight Magazine, Indonesia/MQ TABLOID & JOURNAL, Singapore/Young Muslim Digest, UK/The Daily Jang, UK/DISCOURSE, USA/Al Jumuah Magazine, Bahrain/Bahrain Tribune, Nigeria/Weekly Trust Newspaper, Pakistan/Albalagh International, Azerbaijan/KHAZAR VIEW, United Arab Emirates /Arabia Magazine, Singapore/THE MUSLIM READER, Saudi Arabia/Muslim Youth, Thailand/ISLAM SANTICHON EDUCATIONAL MAGAZINE, Azerbaijan/Palitra, India/Islamic Voice, UK/Impact International, Kazakhstan/Juldiz, Bosnia Herzegovina/PREPOROD, Malaysia/Seruan Magazine, USA/PAKISTAN LINK, Indonesia/Sabili İslamic Magazine, Azerbaijan/Camaat Gazetesi, Kuwait/Al Muctama, Oman/Al Watan, Russian Federation /Nbah, UK/THE MUSLIM WEEKLY, ABD/CIMIC, Kazakhstan/The World of Islam, Kazakhstan/Ahıska, Kazakhstan/İslam Erkaniyet, Kazakhstan/Panaroma Çimkent, USA/MUSLIM KID'S JOURNAL, Australia/Salam, Indonesia/Al Falah, Indonesia/Hidayetullah, Italy/Marco Polo, UK/The Middle Path, USA/Al Manassah, USA/Aftab, Nigeria/Objective Lens, Yemen Arab Republic/Yemen Observer, Canada/The Miracle, USA/The Arab World Newspaper, Nigeria/Daily Triumph, Afghanistan/Eslah.

We also would like to share with you some of the examples of the papers and websites in which Mr. Oktar's articles were published last week and a brief summary of these articles:




Mr. Adnan Oktar's article "How Russia Can Help Bring Relief to Syrians?" was published in The Moscow Times, the largest English-language paper in Russia .

In the article, in which the dimensions of the massacre in Syria are explained, it was stated that Russia can play a key position in solving these problems. Furthermore, the article is also a call for Russia to get involved in the efforts to evacuate Syrians  living under difficult conditions from the region and for international aid organizations to begin supplying food, heat and shelter for these people.  


CFCA (The Coordination Forum for Countering Anti- Semitism)

CFCA (The Coordination Forum for Countering Anti- Semitism) published Mr. Oktar's article titled; "IT IS ESENTIAL FOR MUSLIMS TO REMEMBER THE NAZI'S ATROCITIES AND TO COMMEMORATE THE INNOCENT LOSSES." This forum is an internet website in many different languages originating in Israel.

As is known to all, Mr. Oktar has always stood against the persecution of people from every religion or race. In his article, published on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Mr. Oktar drew attention to the massacres caused by Social Darwinism and to the situation of Jews, Gypsies and Eastern Europeans who were massacred in WW II because they were considered as supposedly inferior races, and he explained the solutions to prevent a repetition of such horrific atrocities. Furthermore, in this article Mr. Oktar states that Muslims should take the lead in stopping this policy of hatred and reminds us of the importance of -spreading love and compassion for the whole world.

The same article has also been published in two different Israeli websites:





Burma Times

The Burma Times is an internet newspaper published by Burmese Rohingya Association in Deutschland (BRAD)

Mr. Oktar's article published in this newspaper titled "The Silent Massacre of Rohingya" draws attention to the ethnic cleansing policy perpetrated in Burma for years. In this article, Mr. Oktar explains the history of this persecution and states that members of the international media should be allowed to enter this region and that Muslims should act in unity without abstaining or else carry the conscientious responsibility of this persecution.



Harakah Daily

The Internet paper Harakah Daily of Malaysia, regularly publishes Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles.

As is known by all, a new policy of persecution has started in Rohingya over the last few weeks. In his article "A Cry for Help to the UN from Rohingya of Myanmar", Mr. Oktar points out the solutions that would put an end to this persecution. Mr. Oktar, who specifically makes a call to the United Nations, states that an impartial and international team should be established to investigate these incidents and emphasizes the necessity of sending a peace-keeping force to the region.

Mr. Oktar has also sent an informational note and a call to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, General Secretary of the United Nations and to Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Pakistan Observer (A Pakistani daily)

The Pakistan Observer is a daily paper published in English in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

The Pakistan Observer published Mr. Adnan Oktar's article titled: "Violence begets more violence, Mr. Obama."           

In this article, Mr. Oktar makes a call to the US President Mr. Barrack Obama, stating that the solution to radicalism is not war or bombing.

In this article, Mr. Oktar states that allocating the amount of money spent on weapons and bombs to education and channeling the investments of countries - particularly like the USA - to education would bring an ideal solution in the struggle against radicalism.

Iraq Al Youm (An Iraqi Daily)

Mr. Adnan Oktar's article "Disunity; The reason behind the bloodshed in the Islamic World," has been published in Arabic in the Iraqi Daily Al Youm.

The Iraq Al Youm is a broadcasting operation with a published daily paper in Arabic and an internet newspaper.

In this article, Mr. Oktar states that today, the disunity of Muslims is one of the main reasons behind the bloodshed in the Islamic World and draws attention to the fact that the persecution and massacres perpetrated on  Muslims all around the world would come to an immediate end if Islamic countries would unite and put an end to these conflicts.

Finally, Mr. Oktar states that it would not be possible for the Islamic world to evade disintegration without forming such a union.


Apart from examples of broadcasting organizations listed above, many other daily papers and websites publish Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles and interviews. You can access these articles both in Turkish and in English from the websites below:

http://harunyahyauluslararasimedya.com/  www.harunyahyainternationalmedia.com




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