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A fossil discovered in Georgia has once again overturned Darwinist myths

The Independent newspaper took an important fossil discovery as its cover story on 9 September, 2009. Under the caption, “A skull that rewrites the history of man,” the report discussed fossil remains from more than one human being discovered in the Dmanisi region of Georgia. And due to their age and characteristics, these fossils totally repudiated Darwinist scenarios.

Darwinists claim that Homo erectus, which they frequently employ as a tool in imaginary human evolution but which is in fact nothing other than today’s man, emerged in Africa 1.9 million years ago. The fossils discovered WERE 1.8 MILLION YEARS OLD AND FOUND IN EURASIA. This revealed that the myths of evolution taught in schools for so many years were “false.” Darwinists’ famous “MIGRATION OUT OF AFRICA: SCENARIO WAS ONCE AGAIN FRUSTRATED, JUST LIKE ALL OTHER EVOLUTIONIST SCENARIOS.  

But this example is nothing new. Darwinists frequently take a step back with regard to the scenarios they dreamed up, saying, “Sorry, we made a mistake.” To be more accurate, they are forced to take a step back because they are quite unable to match their evolutionary scenarios to any scientific evidence. When genuine fossils that overturn scenarios based on fictitious scenarios emerge the only option for them is to modify their fantastical tale and announce it all over again. This happens so often that fictitious ancestors and fictitious dates change and life forms supposedly descended from one another turn out to have lived at the same time. The revelation of 250 million fossils that prove the fact of Creation inflicted terrible disappointment on Darwinists. These fossils eliminated each and every scenarios Darwinists had come up with in the name of evolution. Since they are unable to find an answer, all Darwinists are now able to do is to try to ignore these 250 million fossils and persist in their old ways in the hope that “people may still fall for them.” But what they forget is that the whole world has now seen these 250 million fossils and concluded that evolution is nonsense.

Modifying their position in the light of new fossils clearly shows the extent to which the Darwinist deception can go. The fictitious equine series has changed more than 20 times for that very reason. Newly discovered fossils kept repudiating this false series and toe numbers, heights and dates totally contradicted one another, yet Darwinists kept coming up with a new evolution of the horse series, filled with nonsense every time, in order not to have to back down. This scenario IS A SOURCE OF SHAME FOR DARWINISM, as many Darwinists have openly admitted. But it is still an excellent example with regard to shedding light on the Darwinist deception. Most recently, a 45-million-year-old horse fossil totally demolished the theory. Because according to Darwinists, 50 million years ago the mythical ancestor of the horse should have been no bigger than a dog. In the wake of that rout, total silence prevailed, even among the most fanatical Darwinists.

A 45-million-year-old wild horse skull, identical to present-day wild horses.

Now that the “migration out of Africa” has been demolished by the fossils recently discovered, Darwinists are trying to retrieve the position with a totally ludicrous claim. They maintain that the fictitious first human being left Africa and travelled to Eurasia, which it did not take to for some reason, and returned to Africa instead. Why? Because that is the story that best fits the false scenario of false evolution in the wake of the newly discovered fossil.

Darwinists probably imagine they can look down on the people in the world and make the error of imagining they can easily deceive them because they are following in Darwin’s footsteps. Because tales of this kind can only be made in the hope of deceiving the other side and because one regards it as totally ignorant. Since Darwinists have previously taken the world press in under the influence of propaganda and lack of education, they imagine the technique will work again. But the fact is THAT THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD CAN NO LONGER BE DECEIVED. All the people in the world have now seen the scientific evidence and realized the truth. It has accordingly come to their own conclusions. And they will not be the pawn of the helpless Darwinists that seek to mislead it. Darwinists must finally cease placing their hopes in such pitiful tales.  

The mindset that still seeks to portray Homo erectus as a forebear of man is a pitiful one  

Darwinists still have hopes of rather desperate claims whose invalidity has long since been exposed. It has been shown time and time again, with supporting evidence, that Homo erectus is an extinct human race, and that is what scientists say about the fossils in question. But Darwinists are still trying to impose the lie that Homo erectus is the mythical forerunner of today’s man. Their aim is to use demagoguery to keep the human evolution scenario, which took place only in their own minds, propped up.

The living things known as Homo erectus are an extinct human race, just like the Neanderthals.  For details, see: http://www.darwinismrefuted.com/origin_of_man_05.html
An examination of the statements made by scientists who have examined the fossils discovered in Georgia once again confirms that fact.  

The Darwinist Professor David Lordpanidze from the Georgia National Museum, who examined the fossils, says that these humans had social and cognitive skills and that their lower limbs and tibia bones were the same as those of today’s humans, making them very good runners. When he looked at the body proportions of these people, Lordkipanidze was unable to refrain from stating that they were identical to those of today’s man.  

Homo erectus’ small brain volume is the same as that of a number of human communities alive today. Its height of 1.5 meters is the same as that of many people living today and these obviously cannot be used as evidence for evolution. And that is the only evidence that Darwinists have regarding these living things they have declared to be the supposed ancestors of today’s human beings. 

The new fossils found in Georgia demolishes Darwinism rather than acting as evidence for it. Darwinists have put an end to all their deceptions of primitive ancestors and migration out of Africa. Darwinism has already collapsed in the face of the 250 million fossils that have been unearthed, and this false theory is being dealt new blows with every passing day. The wretchedness and misery among Darwinists’ ranks is growing by the day, and Darwinism will soon be the object of much mirth among new generations of people.

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