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The mystery is solved: How can spiders fly for miles?

In 1830, during his well -known journey on the ship HMS Beagle,  Charles Darwin encountered flying spiders, even though he was 60 miles away from the coasts of Argentina. He mentioned this in his diary as follows:

 “I repeatedly observed the same kind of small spider, either when placed or having crawled on some little eminence, elevate its abdomen, send forth a thread, and then sail away horizontally, but with a rapidity which was quite unaccountable.”

Until recently,  biologists  attributed the flying of the spiders to heat waves and to the wind. But the flight of these spiders in   still weather had not been explainable .

Peter Gorham, who is a physicist at University of Hawaii, now has an answer ; Gorham discovered that  spiders can fly via  positively charged areas in  the atmosphere.

His mathematical calculations showed that  it would be enough for a spider to fly if its silk is pulled with an electrical power of 10-30 nano coloumb. So the flight of the spider can be compared to a magnet that pulls up a ball bearing  when it is close enough. In the same manner,  electrically charged areas in the atmosphere pull up the spider like a magnet.

For this , the silk should be negatively charged. Due to its amino acid structure, the silk of the spider is created to be negatively charged as it rubs against other substances. Hence, the spiders can extend as many threads of silk without sticking to each other that can carry its weight and they can thus be carried aloft by  the positively charged areas in  the atmosphere. This allows   spiders to fly at a high rate of speed even when there is no wind in the air.

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that Darwin  observed the spiders while they were flying horizontally. The spiders were using the electrical charge surrounding the ship to fly horizontally: This means that the electrical charge of the ship was more than the electrical areas on the atmosphere.

Even though Darwin has witnessed the miracle that Allah created so closely, he didn’t take any lessons or didn’t even think much about it. He concluded that  spiders, which have  amazing biophysical characteristics that he wasn’t able to explain at that time, and all  other living beings came into being by coincidences.

Today, we know that the theory of Darwin is a fraud and any mechanism that is created by Allah’s eternal Wisdom cannot  come in to being by a series of mere coincidences.

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