Harun Yahya

Darwinists could not speculate on the flying fish

Fish belonging to this family, made up of 50 species, are able to travel short distances by using their fins as wings.
Flying fish can leap 1.5-2.5 meters in the air.
These creatures are living today, utterly perfect life forms and MARVELS OF CREATION.
Their fossil remains dating back 100 million years have been discovered and the animals HAVE NEVER CHANGED over millions of years.
Were these life forms extinct and were we to possess only their fossil remains, that those fossils would doubtless be depicted by Darwinists as a supposed intermediate form and would be heralded as the greatest evidence for evolution in the world’s most renowned publications. 
But the fact they are still alive poses a total obstacle to all Darwinist speculation.
That deception is resorted to in all other extinct life forms described by Darwinists as intermediate forms, and flawless and perfect specimens find their way into evolutionist publications as intermediate forms.  

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