Harun Yahya

Mosaic evolution deceit

-    It claims that every organ in the body evolved at different periods and different stages independently.


-    Using this claim Darwinists say, “we can not see a semi-reptile, semi-bird living being because the evolution takes place on the organs’ level.“

-    That is why they try to show tiny details on perfect living beings as an evidence for evolution. Despite being an utterly lemur fossil, they showed the Ida as a transitional fossil because of its bendable thumb and claimed that it is the so-called ancestor of man.

This claim is invalid for the following reason:

-    In case of Ida: until that lemur reaches its perfect form, each organ needs to evolve. Where are the fossils in which these transitional organs exist?

-    While some organs evolve and others wait for their return, there needs to exist a stage where this living being needs to be a semi-primate and semi-lemur. Where are these stages in the fossil records?

-    Ida needs to go through billions and even trillions of mutations until it takes its perfect form. All of these mutations need to be beneficial. However, 99 percent of mutations are harmful while 1 percent of them are inefficient. It is impossible for so many mutations to come together and organize themselves together to bring about an absolute benefit. 

-    Until the living being takes its perfect form mutations must have added brand new structures to it. However, mutations are not able to add new information to the genetic information of a living being. 

-    Besides accordingly, it is not explained why a gradually developing organ is not eliminated by natural selection during the time it remains functionless.

The claim of mosaic evolution is an extremly pitiable claim produced out of sole desperation. Throughout history Darwinists strived to find various pretexts (such as punctuated equilibrium) for the lack of transitional forms but these pretexts delivered no results other than revealing how a great deadlock Darwinism is in. This is exactly the case with the claim of mosaic evolution today. No matter how they name it, they have to find and bring the transitional forms of the species-to-species transitions they claim. If they fail to do it —which they can’t — they have to stop deceiving people with Darwinist hoaxes and act in accordance with genuine scientific evidence.

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