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Prof. Kashgarli, Chairman Of The East Turkestan Parliament In Exile, Was A Guest Of Adnan Oktar

 Thursday, August 1st, 2013  12:41

Mr. Adnan Oktar continues to seek a solution to the difficulties being faced by the Uighur Turks. Mr. Oktar’s guest on a live broadcast on the evening of  July 31st was Prof. Sultan Mahmut Kashgarli, chairman of the East Turkestan Parliament in exile , who described what was happening in East Turkestan.

Mr. Adnan Oktar, who engages in effective activity in order to put an end to the oppression faced by Muslims all over the world on his A9 TV conversation programs, hosted officials from the Chinese Embassy a few weeks ago with the aim of finding a solution to the problems of the Uighur Turks living in East Turkestan. Adnan Oktar asked the embassy officials about the true facts regarding reports appearing in the world press concerning the injustices, oppression and problems faced by East Turkestan Muslims in China, and also presented a written request for these to be answered.

Adnan Oktar: “You do us a great honor by coming. May Allah be pleased. East Turkestan is an open wound for the whole Turkish world, for the whole Islamic world, as you know. We all experience unease over that. The sufferings of our brothers is always expressed from one to another. They used to describe them when I was a child, and people would listen in horror. People are still experiencing that fear. We want our brothers there to achieve a free, peaceful and democratic structure. We want them to take their place in the Turkish-Islamic Union. But we are not saying, “China must be destroyed, the Chinese nation must be destroyed.” Indeed, if only they would join the Turkish-Islamic Union, too; we would be delighted.

Prof. Mahmut Kashgarli: “In appearance, things there are fine. When we look at the constitution there is much freedom there. People’s freedom to join Turkish organizations, to protest, to use their own languages and their right to development are all written down; so people will say that it all very good. But in practice it is the exact opposite. Many people have been killed in East Turkestan in the last 63 years. For what? They look for rights and laws. You gave autonomy in 1955. Autonomy means self-administration. Defense and finance should also be in our hands. But you give us nothing. How is that? They killed all our leaders who demanded that.

The situation today, as you hear, is that there is communist rule in China. Under the 1982 Chinese Constitution, Chinese citizens have the freedom to believe in religion, or not. The state will protect that. But apart from the communists and atheists in China, the right of the Turks in East Turkestan to perform their religious obligations is restricted. Fasting is restricted, for instance, when people in school refuse to eat they are on the black list since they are fasting. People’s right to perform the regular prayer is limited. The state forbids public workers to enter mosques and pray. Second, members of the communist party are not allowed to pray. Members of youth organizations are not allowed to pray. Women are not allowed to enter mosques and pray. People aged under 18 are not allowed to enter mosques and pray. It is forbidden, so people cannot discharge their religious obligations as they wish. 

It is like that on all matters. It is hard to obtain a passport to go abroad. Chinese people can get passports, but they do not hand them out easily to people from East Turkestan. They drag it out for years. “Where will you go?” “Turkey.” “Where will you go?” “Uzbekistan.” “Look, you must promise you will never go there. Sign here.” The paper to be signed is written beforehand. You sign that if you leave the country, and the state punishes you, you accept that. You can leave the country only after signing Freedom of movement is limited because in that case people’s eyes will open  and they will see what is going on in the world. “They will then start comparing us with other places,” they say. So they restrict it.


The republic of Turkey took a bit of an initiative 1 or 2 years ago. Chinese people come to Turkey. Let them come; but you must also allow our brothers in East Turkestan the right to travel freely. At least let them do something for 10 days or 14 days. Let them travel and then come back. In that way people have been coming in groups for the last 1 to 2 years. People have been coming for 10 days, for 13 days, with security people on their arms. People have come to places such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bursa in Turkey. “This is very exciting. So we have brothers here. There are many people whose hearts are suffering for us…”

But the restrictions are continuing. There is no equality, for instance. The main industrial plants in East Turkestan are in Chinese hands. The Chinese are settled there. Unemployment levels in East Turkestan are very high. There is no or almost no social security. But the Chinese are all insured. They are installed in all the most important places. There is propaganda about “Everything in East Turkestan will be better.” They say that East Turkestan, Xinjiang, is a fine place. When East Turkestan, or Xinjiang to give it its new name, was invaded in 1949, there were all the Chinese military units there, plus Chinese bureaucrats and civilians. There were around 350,000 Chinese. Chinese migrants have continued to be settled there for the last 63 years. Figures are that the Chinese presence in East Turkestan is at 8.7 million. But we estimate that more than 10 million Chinese have settled there. 

Chinese take away all the underground resources in East Turkestan, all the oil and uranium. Everything. They settle the Chinese in all the best places. People are forbidden to have children in East Turkestan. There is family planning in East Turkestan. They are not allowed to register in the cities. They are punished. They are not allowed to register more than 3.3 children in the villages. They are punished. 

But the Islamic world makes very little protest about this. There are 63 Islamic states in the world. Foreign exchange is around 70 billion. The Chinese have a 470-billion dollar volume of trade. If all these Islamic states were to raise their voices and say, “Stop all these measures, otherwise we will cut this trade off,” the Chinese economy would collapse. But there is no such unity, no such protest. 

Four years ago, during the events of  July 5th, 2009, Ekmelettin İhsanoğlu, who was also a member of our organization, was saying, The Organization of Islamic Unity held an extraordinary meeting and said, “Let us support the Muslims in East Turkestan.” But other states did not approve and did not join in. So no such meeting was held.

Now China has been very cunning. It took Western ambassadors to Urumchi. It told the Western states, “These people are all radical Islamists.”  “They are all extreme Islamists,” they said. “They carried out all these incidents and killed our people,” they said. Then the ambassadors from these Islamic countries said, “The people responsible for the incidents in Urumchi have nothing to do with religion.” So they deceived everyone. 

Regrettable things are taking place today. Last April or May a Chinese man raped a girl of 7 or 8. Then he killed and buried her somewhere. When that got out, people were furious. He raped and killed a little girl: That is unacceptable. Then the Chinese placed him under protection by getting a statement from doctors saying he was insane. In one event, 2 or 3 years ago, a Chinese teacher harassed 20 girls in a middle school in east Turkestan. Then after that got out, the parents insisted that the Chinese teacher should be punished for harassing their daughters. They also protected him be producing a report saying he was insane. This year, this June, they wanted to empty the homes of some Muslim Turks in Xinjiang, saying they had been “compulsorily purchased.” They refused to sell. But they want to move Chinese people in. Then there was a scuffle. And 15 to 20 young people collected together, demanding to know what was going on. Then they shot them. The conflict then spread. Most of the dead were Muslim Turks. Then China declared martial law throughout East Turkestan. They brought tanks in. Chinese troops marched through the cities. Many people were detained. But even then the world said almost nothing.” 

Adnan Oktar: “The Master says that salvation for East Turkestan and the Islamic world lies in Turkish-Islamic Union. Isn’t that right? 

Prof. Mahmut Kashgarlı: Of course, insha’Allah. Islamic Union. Yes, insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: The Master has listed so many tragedies. But the matter is still being prolonged. The solution is Islamic Union. If some brave person stands up and says, “The whole Islamic world must unite,” then the tragedy in Egypt will come to an end, and the tragedy in Iraq and the tragedy in East Turkestan. There will be no more problems in the Turkish or Islamic worlds. 

With our Master’s support, by Allah’s leave, we will establish Turkish-Islamic Union. Our Master is a very important person, may Allah be pleased. May Allah increase your purity and learning. I would like to invite you here again from time to time, if you would so honor us. We can have fine conversations. But we must not fatigue the Master too much. He will tell us of all these pains and sufferings very soon. That will be a fine instrument whereby everyone speeds up the Turkish-Islamic Union what will put an end to the sufferings in the Turkish and Islamic worlds.” ( July 31st, 2013; A9 TV)


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