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On the Road to Turkish-Islamic Union...

A Call for Unity from the Iraqi Islamic Council

The head of the Iraqi High Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, met with Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Yunus Demirer in his office in the capital, Baghdad .

A written statement from the council said that the meeting  dealt with regional developments and that Hakim had emphasized the importance of co-existence, called on all political forces in Iraq to unite and expressed his wish to see them serve the people.

According to a report in the Anadolu news agency (AA), Ambassador Demirer expressed the  hope that relations between Iraq and Turkey will be strengthened, that the principles of brotherhood and friendship will grow and that the obstacles to cooperation can be overcome.


The Visa Regime between Turkey and Mongolia Has Been Abolished

An agreement  has been signed foreseeing the lifting of the visa regime between Turkey and Mongolia.

Following a meeting with Mongolian Prime Minister Noroviin Altanjhuyag in the wake of his visit to Kyrgyzstan, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appeared before the press. An agreement intended to abolish the visa regime was signed at a ceremony attended by the two prime ministers.

Following the signing ceremony, the two prime ministers held a joint press conference. Asked by a Mongolian journalist about the lifting of the visa requirement between the two countries, the Mongolian prime expressed his hope that more Turkish citizens would visit his country in the period ahead.

Prime Minister Altankhuyag stated that 6,500 Mongolian citizens had visited Turkey last year, but that only 650 people had visited his country from Turkey.


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