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Last Month in the Islamic World

726 people in Turkey converted to Islam in one year

According to a Religious Affairs Ministry report, 726 people converted to Islam in 2012. This included many women and Christians.

Seven hundred twenty-six members of other faiths were honored by converting to Islam in Turkey in 2012.

According to the data in the Regious Affairs Ministry report, Christians had the highest rate of conversion to Islam. The report stated that 602 Christians had converted to Islam in 2012: Christians were followed by 26 atheists, 3 Hindus, 3 Jews and 92 members of other faiths. In terms of nationality, 191 of the converts were German, 58 Russian, 54 Turkish, 28 French, 22 British, 18 Belgians and 337 from other countries.

Women most of all

Women represented the majority of the converts to Islam. Of the 726 converts to Islam from different faiths, 514 were recorded as women and 212 as men. In addition, 295 people cited 'investigation and research' as the reason for converting to Islam, 63 marriage, 1 travel and 367 other reasons.

Greater interest in Islam in the 21-30 age group

According to the data, the largest number of conversions took place in the 21-30 age group; 311 individuals aged 21-30, 198 aged 31-40, 98 aged 41-50, 46 aged 0-20, 41 aged 51-60 and 32 aged 61 or over became Muslims.



Islam Is Spreading Fast in Mexico

Islam is spreading rapidly in gang-plagued Mexico; people say they see honesty and true moral values in Islam.

People are converting to Islam at a fast rate in Mexico, where death is everywhere and dozens of people die every day in gang wars. There are currently 110,000 Muslims in Tijuana, a city on the border with the USA.

A City Where Death Walks the Streets

People are rapidly converting to Islam in Mexico, where for years the only news has consisted largely of drugs and gang wars. The city of Tijuana on the U.S. border, with its population of 2.3 million, is one of the places where disorder and violence reign. Some 110,000 Muslims live in the city, keeping far away from the disorder.

Islam Has Changed Our Lives

One of the Muslims in the city says that he joined the gangs at the age of 9, but that his life totally changed when he decided to become a Muslim at the age of 21 and that he had escaped becoming a killer. Another Muslim Mexican described how he was paralyzed through an injury received in a gang fight and was then influenced by Islam to become a Muslim.


British people are turning to Islam in droves

According to research in Great Britain, 40,000 British people have become Muslims in the last 10 years.ENGLAND – According to Britain’s Faith Matters, 40,000 British people have become Muslims in the last 10 years.

The research states that women represent the majority of Muslim converts and that the average age of converts is 27.

The year when most British people converted was 2011, when 5,200 people became Muslims.

According to  research, the most important reason encouraging British people to enter Islam is the moral weakness in Western society.

The study also says that Islam is the fastest growing faith in Great Britain. The majority of those converting to Islam say that the Islamic life is totally compatible with life in Great Britain.

Islam is the second largest faith in Britain.



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