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Adnan Oktar: “Europe is against Fanatical Islam”


In his live show on A9 TV Channel, Adnan Oktar responded to the allegation that Europe is against Islam, and said, “Europe is not Christian but atheist. In Europe  the churches are empty. But Europe is not against Islam. They are against fanaticism and low quality.”

Adnan Oktar further added, “Europe would not want a life that would trouble them, a life in which everything is banned. In fanaticism, on the other hand, everything is banned. If Europe saw the kind of Islam in the way the Companions of our Prophet (saas) lived, if they saw the quality Islam, they would immediately accept it.”

Here are the statements of Adnan Oktar:

“Do you know the kind of Islam Europe is against? (They are) against fanatical Islam. Under the guise of Islam, some Muslims mention chopping up people; they say that they will kill anyone who does not perform his prayers. They say that Christians must be pushed aside while walking. They say that stones will inform on the Jews and they will cut them all up, women and children. That is what Europeans hate. Europe hates fanatics, otherwise why would they feel disturbed from quality Muslims?

For instance, previously we called Freemasons, now we called them again. They proudly come and approach us with love. People abstain from fanatics. Why would they abstain from Muslims? They abstain not from Muslims but  from the ruthless and psychopathic types.”

If the Islam as  lived by the companions of our Prophet (saas) was present, all of  Europe would admit it. For instance Europeans want to laugh, but fanatics say, “You can not laugh!” European women want to be beautiful and stylish, but fanatics say, “they would kill anyone who does not perform his prayers or pay his alms. Would they ever accept such a model?

But if this were the picture: there are gracious, very high-quality ladies. There are those ladies wearing headscarves and those not wearing any headscarves, but they all dress in a very civilized and decent manner. Everyone is smiling, affectionate, honest and very pure. Their tables and houses are of highest quality. Why would they not admit this? Christianity is not an issue for the Europe. Europe is not Christian at all.You can hardly find any Christians in Europe. Christianity has died in Europe. Go and look at the churches, they are all but empty. Europeans consider the Christian accounts as legends. The European youth do not believe in them, in no way. Atheism and irreligion is widespread in Europe. Churches close one after another in Europe. Services are held only when one dies or for weddings. Other than those services, churches are mostly empty. Consequently, Christianity does not concern Europe.


The system of fanaticism that occurred as a result of misapplication of Islam is horrible.


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