Harun Yahya

The Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Founded the PKK


There is not just one problem in Turkey, not just the PKK. There is also the scourge of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It was that bunch of killers who founded the PKK, as you know. Even when they talk among themselves, they speak of nothing but blood and fighting.

These killers hate everyone. They inflicted terrible persecution on the Southeast. They inflicted such evil as their aim was to turn our brothers in the Southeast into enemies of the state and cause them to break away, but our dear people in the Southeast were not deceived. These killers also sought to portray the followers of Bediüzzaman as enemies of the state. They portrayed our Süleymanlı brothers as enemies of the state, and all religious communities as enemies of the state.

The Important Members of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Are Overseas

The really important ones are overseas; particularly in Russia and Kazakhstan. The state there has fallen entirely in the hands of those killers. Members of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon go and confiscate all of a company’s assets and nobody can say anything. They have taken over complete control of the state there. These killers are in Russia, and also in Iraq and Syria now. The government must not give them room to breathe. 

Let me also say that when I speak of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, I am not referring to those who are on trial now. They are on trial, and justice will be done.

the alleged terror organization and the PKK is by establishing Turkish-Islamic Union. That is the only way of putting an end to their games. Let me also say that nobody will listen to Abdullah Öcalan. Solutions such as getting people to lay down their weapons will do no good. Let us open up the borders. Let us unify Russia, Iran and all the Islamic countries. Everyone must at once agree to this most reasonable solution. (January 9th, 2013, A9 TV)


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