Harun Yahya

Glowing Hatchet Fish


The eyes of marine creatures are mostly big and upwards allowing them to see other beings passing from above.

By this way, enemies that look from bottom to top can immediately distinguish the dark shadow of a being on the floor of natural light coming from the sea surface.

This hatchet fish you see is tremendously equipped against its enemies in dark waters.

It lives at depths between 200 meters and 1000 meters and displays perfect camouflage.

When it goes down to the deeps, thanks to its slim and flat bodily structure, it is difficult to distinguish it.

Its silver skin acts like a mirror and reflects the appearance of the water, so it becomes almost invisible when it goes even deeper.

When it is close to the surface, it uses a different method to hide itself from its enemies. Because under normal circumstances, every creature in water appears like a shadow due to the light beams falling underneath the sea, and therefore it sends an invitation to the animal that wants to catch it.

Hatchet fish have bioluminescent photosphere limbs that can produce bio-light. This limb is lined all along the pelvic cavity. These lights are on at times when it is close to the surface.

Hatchet fish balances these bio-lighters with the light falling down from the sea surface, and thus it avoids being seen as a shadow against the light coming from the sea surface and becomes almost invisible.

Now, it is a very important privilege that these light organs are in the abdomen region. If these organs were in their backs instead of their abdomens, the enemies that look at them from above would be able to easily distinguish them on the dark surface of the sea deeps.

However, just like it is difficult to distinguish a light bulb turned on in the daylight, the light  emitted by the glowing creatures towards the right direction make it difficult for them to be seen.

These perfect characteristics in the hatchet fish is one of the beauties of our Almighty Lord Who Creates without any preceding example.

The hatchet fish has possessed these features since the first moment it was created, a 37-23 million year old hatchet fish fossil is seen in the picture. It can be clearly seen that the hatchet fish has not changed for millions of years.


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