Harun Yahya

Allah Has Created a Powerful Love among Muslims


The love among Muslims is a naturally occurring love resulting from a faith-based sincerity. Is not based on any self-interest; believers love one another solely for Allah’s approval. This sincere love also brings with it a lofty conception of humility. And when love and humility are combined together, the result is a powerful bond among Muslims.

The people to whom believers most direct their love as manifestations of Allah are their brothers in faith. As our Lord says in one verse, "The faithful are brothers..." (Surat al-Hujurat, 10), Muslims are one anothers brothers. Therefore, as with blood brothers, the relationship between Muslims is based on a profound love, and they watch over and protect one another.

Allah gives love to the heart of every Muslim who loves Him, fears Him and genuinely strives to seek His approval. Our Lord states that it is His Presence that creates love among believers:

As for those who have faith and do right actions, the All-Merciful will bestow His love on them.” (Surah Maryam, 96)

Since these people love Allah, they will also love His creations and feel affection and compassion for them. They will wish to protect them and seek the best for them. As Allah tells believers, whom He has made his best and most virtuous servants:

Say: ‘I do not ask you for any wage for this –except for you to love your near of kin. If anyone does a good action,We will increase the good of it for him. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful’.” (Surat ash-Shura, 23)

Muslims Loving One Another in This World Is a Moral Virtue of Paradise

It is incompatible with Qur’anic moral values for the bond of love that Muslims feel for one another to be limited to a small community. That bond of love must include all sects and communities and even the entire Islamic world. Allah disapproves of coldness, and even conflict, between sects and communities. All Muslims must hope to enter paradise and strive for that by doing good works. But in order to enter paradise they must love one another.  In paradise, all Muslims are a single community, and verses reveal that Muslims will recognize one another there, talk with one another, be friends and love one another:

in Gardens of Delight. A large group of the earlier people but few of the later ones.

On sumptuous woven couches, reclining on them face to face.” (Surat al-Waki’ah, 12-16)

Another verse reveals that brotherhood, profound love and devotion among Muslims is one of the features of paradise as follows.

"We will strip away any rancor in their hearts – brothers, resting on couches face-to-face.” (Surat al-Hijr, 47)

Muslims are a single community in paradise, and there are no communities or groups that do not love another, and everyone is equal. There is also an obligation for his model in paradise as described in the verses to be adopted and implemented in this world, too.  Allah warns Muslims in another verse that they must be very considerate of one another and that there must be a bond of love between them, and He reveals that this will be pleasing to Him:

Allah loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls.” (Surat as-Saff, 4)

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