Harun Yahya

Dear Christian Friends and All Devoted Ones to God

We are just about to end the year 2012, which has passed with great lessons for each one of us individually and the entire world.

Now, we are looking forward to entering a New Year that will bring glad tidings and hopefully it will be the beginning of lasting peace for many who are in need of security and safety.

The only way for achieving the awaited harmony between all of the faiths and nations is through love, compassion and brotherhood with each other.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by all of the Christians is an immense joy for the Christian world and for his second return we are all excited and anticipate with great fervor the joy and blessings that are close at hand.

By means of this message, we are wishing and praying for God to endow the entire humanity with goodness and blessings.

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