Harun Yahya

The Importance of the System of the Mahdi Must Be Set out in All Middle East Countries, and Particularly to the President of Iran


For people who believe in Allah, and the same Book and prophets, who turn to the same kiblah and live in the same lands, to be divided, and even to oppose and feel enmity toward one another, is corruption originating from shaytan. That corruption must be stopped at once. All Muslims, Wahabbis, Jaferis and members of other sects must be aware that they are brothers in faith. They must heed the cries of Muslims who are tortured, forced from their homes, killed and crippled. Since they have lost so much time to date, they must now lose no more and must go into action forthwith. Allah makes it incumbent upon us all to unite and not fall into division. Urgent compliance with this commandment of Allah’s will be the form of behavior best suited to His approval. 

The public coming together in the streets to protest against oppressive regimes in incidents in many Muslim countries, and particularly Syria, has put the public and the state in opposition to one another. They have used guns against one another. But change cannot be brought about through conflict on the streets, looting, aggression and violence. The change that results from violence cannot bring people the peace, security and well-being they need. Some partial successes and improvements may be obtained; but no satisfying and permanent solutions will emerge. These can only be obtained by following the path shown by Allah and Rasulullah (saas). The solution shown by Allah and His Messenger (saas) is for the whole Islamic world to unite under a spiritual leader and the construction of Turkish-Islamic Union. Instead of street protests and artificial solutions, it is essential to demand Turkish-Islamic Union.

An Islamic world that is not united cannot protect and watch over suffering Muslims. But when the Islamic world, with its population of over 1 billion, is united, then by Allah’s leave, not a hair on the head of a single Muslim will be harmed. But in order for that union to be established a leader, an individual, is needed. That leader is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). For that reason, the importance of the way of the Mahdi must constantly be stressed in dialogues between countries and the name of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) must frequently be brought up.

In that framework there is no doubt that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has an important responsibility. President Ahmadinejad must be reminded that the unification of the Islamic world under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), who will appear as an individual not as a corporate entity, will bring peace and tranquility to the entire world, not just the Muslim world, and the importance of his raising these issues at press conferences should be emphasized.



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