Harun Yahya

The Importance of Emphasizing Turkish-Islamic Union at Conferences Attended by the Foreign Press


What Muslims must do is to base themselves on the warm and peace-filled spirit of the Qur’an and aim for a climate of unity and security by embracing all Muslims, as well as Christians and Jews. News of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) must be imparted as a priority at press conferences held by countries such as Iran and Syria. People must also be told, at every available opportunity, that Muslims are not against America, Russia, NATO or the Shanghai group, that they just want peace, and that they do not desire bloodshed, terror and anarchy.

The whole Islamic world must be invited to unite at press conferences, and the fact that the aim is “Turkish-Islamic Union” must be emphasized. If it is made clear that the Islamic world supports  the EU,  America and Russia, and that it will treat Christians and Jews with affection, this will delight Western countries and put them at ease.

All Islamic countries must pray for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), tell others of his coming and keep the system of the Mahdi in the public eye as a matter of urgency. If this perspective is set out in live broadcasts and at press conferences, this can change people’s minds in the Islamic world. By Allah’s leave, that perspective will then be instrumental in radical organizations’ acts of violence against both Muslims and the People of the Book coming to an end.  

The fact that the communist state within a state and various radical groups particularly desire to divide Muslims and also to inculcate feelings of hostility toward Christians and Jews is one that must constantly be brought up. The groups in question have for many years been seeking to plot against Muslim countries and peoples.

The only way in which this plot can be thwarted, the influence of the groupings in question eliminated, and for Muslims to live in peace and unity is the establishment of Islamic Unity under Turkish leadership. Rather than protests on the streets and the artificial measures currently being taken, it is essential to keep demanding Turkish-Islamic Union in a determined manner. The system of the Mahdi must therefore always be in the public eye. We need to strive hard for Turkish-Islamic Union under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) if the concept of unity and togetherness of the Age of Felicity is to be established. The only way for the entire Islamic world  to be free and live in peace, love and happiness, and also for Christians and Jews to live in a climate of peace, tranquility and security within this spirit of friendship is to unite under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), as foretold by Rasulullah (saas).

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