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News of the Mahdi (pbuh) at the U.N. General Council


The second day of the 67th session meetings of the U.N. General Council in New York saw a number of striking addresses being made. Speeches by Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi made their mark on the occasion.


Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad based his address on the 12th Imam Mahdi.

Ahmadinejad employed the terms; “The arrival of the Ultimate Savior will mark a new beginning, a rebirth and a resurrection. It will be the beginning of peace, lasting security and genuine life.”

He then spoke of his longing for a new world not dominated by pride, and said; “His arrival will be the end of oppression, immorality, poverty, discrimination and the beginning of justice, love and empathy. … He will come so that hands will be joined, hearts will be filled with love and thoughts will be purified to be at service of security, welfare and happiness for all. … The arrival of the Ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ and the Righteous will bring about an eternally bright future for mankind, not by force or waging wars but through thought awakening and developing kindness in everyone. Their arrival will breathe a new life in the cold and frozen body of the world. He will bless humanity with a spring that puts an end to our winter of ignorance, poverty and war with the tidings of a season of blooming.”



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