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It is important for Turkey to collaborate with Iran and other Muslim countries in order for the bloodshed in the Middle East to cease


• What measures need to be taken to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East and the Islamic world?

• Why must Turkey be a leading country in bringing that solution about?


Events taking place in the Islamic world today are also a sign of important developments in the world of Islam. The fact that innocent people were kept under oppression for many years in many Islamic countries with undemocratic regimes, Syria in particular, is obvious. It is also a known fact that these regimes’ unjust policies left their peoples in hunger and poverty. It is obvious that the mindset that bans people’s right to express their opinions, to live freely by their religion and to tell others about Islam, and that persecutes those who reject those prohibitions through torture, detentions and even death threats, needs to be changed. Preparing the groundwork for the system of the Mahdi is an important obligation in order for that mindset to change and for the peace, tranquility and brotherhood required by Islam to reign across the world, and especially the Islamic world. The country that will undertake that task and unite the Islamic world is, of course, where Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will, by Allah’s leave, appear.

The Importance of Private Meetings with the Leaders of Middle Eastern Countries, and Particularly Syria and Iran

Allah has revealed the methods that need to be employed at international meetings in the story of the Prophet Noah (pbuh). He stresses the importance of meetings, sometimes secret and at other times in the open. The relevant verses read:

He said, ‘My Lord, I have called my people night and day

but my calling has only made them more evasive.

Indeed, every time I called them to Your forgiveness, they put their fingers in their ears, wrapped themselves up in their clothes and were overweeningly arrogant.

Then I called them openly.

Then I addressed them publicly and addressed them privately.” (Surah Nuh, 5-9)

As revealed in these verses, Turkey holding private and public talks, particularly with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Syrian head of state Bashar Assad, is one way in which the bloodshed in the Middle East can be stopped. At these meetings, Syria’s Assad needs to be told of the damage the communist state within a state in his country has done to the people. He needs to be given guarantees that, by Allah’s leave, Turkey can convince Muslim groups and the opposition, that Iran and Turkey will join forces and help him against that secret state, and that he can come and live in Turkey if he so desires. All that need be asked of him is to hold a large press conference under Turkish protection. He can be told that all he needs to say at that conference is that he is not a Ba’athist, that he is opposed to communism, radical Islam and bigotry and that he desires a Turkish-Islamic union in which a modern Islam prevails.


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