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RAMADAN 2009 - The 28th Day


For a believer, the scope of patience is not limited to enduring difficulties and problems with calmness. In the light of the verse, "You who believe, be steadfast; be supreme in steadfastness…" (Surah Al 'Imran, 200), throughout his life, he shows an undeviating commitment to meticulously fulfilling all the commands of the Qur'an, to avoiding what is unlawful, to displaying moral perfection in every situation, without becoming daunted or losing heart. In short, he resolutely shows the patience and good manners prescribed by the religion. That is because one can develop these noble character traits only if one makes a steady effort. It is the people of faith who exhibit patience when making such efforts. As the Prophet Muhammad (saas) informed Muslims in the following hadith, they know that patience is a gift for them from Allah:

"No-one can be given a better and more abundant gift than patience." (Bukhârî and Muslim)

That is why patience permeates the entire life of a man of faith and manifests itself in all his acts and attitudes. A believer shows profound patience in compliance with the command of our Lord, "So be patient with gracious patience." (Surat al-Ma'arij, 5) He shows patience in humility and becomes the most humble person; he shows patience in spending for the cause of Allah and becomes the most generous person; he shows patience in not preferring his own self and becomes the most self-sacrificing person…

The following example in the Qur'an about the patience evinced in displaying moral perfection will give us a better understanding of this concept:

A good action and a bad action are not the same. Requite the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will become like a bosom friend. None will attain this attribute save those who are truly steadfast. None will attain it save those who have great good fortune. (Surah Fussilat, 34-35)

As the verse points out, Allah commands man to respond to an evil act in the best manner possible and stresses that only those who are patient can be successful in doing so. This example clearly shows that if moral perfection is to be displayed, it is important to be patient.

Never feeling frustrated in the face of events that are seemingly negative is another attribute of a believer. Alternatively, when he has a blessing bestowed upon him he never becomes spoiled.

An individual can be very generous, self-sacrificing and very humble at certain times of his life. Or, he may remain strong in the face of hardships. However, failure to demonstrate these favourable character traits under certain conditions, and thus having some limits or weak points, may invalidate one's preceding efforts to conducting oneself correctly. One must incorporate all these values in one's character. These qualities must be far from being imitative, fake, shallow or temporary; they must be components of an established Qur'anic structure. Allah also states that consistently displayed good values that have become an integral part of one's character are worthy in Allah's sight: "… But, in your Lord's sight, right actions which are lasting bring a better reward and are a better basis for hope of salvation." (Surat al-Kahf, 46)

Patience is one of the most important signs of a believer's sincerity and efforts to draw near to Allah: one can only show patience in relation with his sincerity and closeness to Allah. Believers who are committed to displaying these traits compete with other believers in being patient. If making a sacrifice is in question, they conduct themselves most correctly and bring all their material and physical resources into play. Attention is drawn to this trait in a verse which reads: "…those who are steadfast in seeking the face of their Lord …" (Surat ar-Ra'd, 22) Encountering a difficulty, such people turn to Allah without harbouring any feelings of distress or uncertainty in their hearts. This was also expressed by our Prophet (saas):

"Wondrous are the believer's affairs. For him there is good in all his affairs, and this is so only for the believer. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful, and that is good for him; and when something displeasing happens to him, he is patient, and that is good for him." (Muslim)

People often misinterpret patience and think of it as "putting up with something." This is but a distant connotation of patience experienced and felt by a believer, since "putting up with something" is an obligatory form of endurance shown in the face of a distressing and painful situation. The patience shown for the cause of Allah, however, is not a source of distress, but a great cause of pleasure and happiness. A man of perfected faith shows patience in order to earn the approval of Allah, and thus does not become depressed. On the contrary, with the hope of receiving the blessings and rewards Allah promises in return for his patience, he derives great pleasure from it. Allah informs us in the Qur'an that patience is distressing for disbelievers:

Seek help in steadfastness and prayer. But that is a very hard thing, except for the humble. (Surat al-Baqara, 45)

The patience of a believer is so profound that his patience and imploration never wavers, even though he cannot eliminate a problem or attain his wishes until death overtakes him. He knows that Allah keeps everything under His control and that he will earn great rewards in return for his patience. For this reason, he is content with Allah no matter which situations he encounters, he believes in His eternal compassion and mercy, and puts His trust in Him. If Allah does not answer his call immediately, he certainly knows a greater goodness and beauty are hidden in this. He never forgets that Allah answers all prayers and gives an excellent reward to those who are patient. And His promise is true.

Bombardier Beetle

The bombardier beetle is an insect on which an enormous amount of research has been done. The trait that renders this insect so popular is that it uses chemical methods to protect itself from its enemies.

In moments of danger, the insect squirts hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone stored in its body towards the enemy to protect itself. Prior to battle, specialized structures called secretory lobes make a very concentrated mixture of these two chemicals. The mixture is stored in a separate compartment called the storage chamber. This compartment is connected to a second one called the explosion chamber. The two compartments are kept separate from one another by a sphincter muscle. The moment the insect senses danger, it squeezes the muscles surrounding the storage chamber while simultaneously relaxing the sphincter muscle, and the chemical in the storage chamber is transferred to the explosion chamber. A large quantity of heat is released and a vaporization occurs. The released vapor and the oxygen gas exert pressure on the walls of the explosion chamber and this chemical is squirted at the enemy through a channel leading outward from the beetle's body.

It is still a great mystery to researchers how an insect can harbor inside itself a powerful system potent enough to trigger a chemical reaction that could easily cause it harm while also isolating itself from the effects of that system. No doubt, the existence and working of this system is too complicated to be attributed to the insect itself. It is still a matter of discussion how the bombardier beetle makes such a system work within its tiny body measuring about 2 cm in length, when human experts can perform it only in laboratories.

The only apparent truth here is that this insect is a concrete example completely refuting the theory of evolution, because it is impossible for this complex chemical system to have been shaped by a series of coincidental variations and passed on to future generations. Even a minor deficiency or 'defect' in a single piece of the system would leave the animal defenseless, so that it would soon be killed or it would cause it to blow itself up. Therefore, the only explanation is that the chemical weapon in the insect's body had come into being with all its parts all at once and without any defect.

Posters recently being displayed on some 800 buses in Britain openly declare a fact that the Darwinist lobby and its supporters have tried to cover up for so many years: DARWINISM LEADS TO ATHEISM. The bus posters, supported by Richard Dawkins, an atheist and Darwinist, represent one of the most important proofs of that fact.
Darwin’s unscientific and irrational view is that all life on Earth in all its great diversity came into being not through Allah’s (God) creation (Allah is beyond that), but as the result of random and haphazard processes. According to that view, THERE IS NO PURPOSE, REASON OR AIM in Darwinism. In Darwinism, it is “chance” that somehow brings all entities into being, diversifies them, and makes them perfect and flawless. Darwinism’s objective is to eliminate the idea of Creation by making a god out of chance. Darwinism is based on the materialist belief that matter is all that has absolute existence. It is a heretical faith invented in order to oppose the idea that living things were created out of nothing, the metaphysical existence of the soul that makes human beings human, and their existence depends on the Will and Control of Almighty Allah.
Some evolutionists try to cover up that fact. Their aim is this: they are aware that Darwinism is doomed to total collapse in this century. For that reason they are trying to portray the perversion of Darwinism as a moderate ideology, in order to re-establish its influence over the world and draw various circles into their orbit. So much so, that they have even managed to suggest that “religion and evolution are not incompatible” and to give people the impression that belief in the theory of evolution need not mean the denial of Allah.
The fact is, however, that THIS IS A MONSTROUS LIE.
. Darwinism is a false and exceedingly dangerous ideology intended to deny the belief of Allah and to engage in propaganda to that end. To attempt to reconcile this heretical ideology with belief in Allah means falling into Darwinists’ vile trap, and that in turn means espousing Darwinism against belief in Allah.
Some Darwinists, however, are not at all reluctant to come out and state that Darwinist ideology eventually denies Allah and leads to atheism. The best known of these people is Richard Dawkins, who is on the agenda concerning the matter of bus posters nowadays. Dawkins’ admissions that Darwinist belief leads to atheism read as follows:
"They call me as a witness and a lawyer and said ‘Dr. Dawkins has your belief in evolution, has your study of evolution turned you towards atheism?’ I would have to say ‘YES’… People like me are a bad news for the science lobby, the evolution lobby. By the way I’m being a lot more frank and honest in this interview than many people in this field would be." [1]
"Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." [2]
The Cornell University evolutionist William Provine states that “naturalistic evolution has clear consequences that Charles Darwin understood perfectly”. And according to Provine these consequences are:
1)    No gods worth having exist (Allah is beyond that)

2)    No life after death exists;

3)    No ultimate foundation for ethics exists;

4)    No ultimate meaning in life exists; and

5)    Human free will is nonexistent." [3]
Charles Smith, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, summarizes the matter by saying:
"Evolution is atheism."[4]
Now, however, 800 buses travelling around the streets of Britain have documented the fact that Darwinism equals atheism. These buses, carrying posters making atheist propaganda, make it perfectly clear what Darwinism brings for mankind. As the major backer of this campaign, Richard Dawkins has turned blatant Darwinist propaganda into blatant atheist propaganda. Because, THESE TWO BELIEFS ARE MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE.

Now however, to attempt to portray Darwinist ideology as innocuous despite all this clear evidence and unequivocal admissions or to ask “what need is there for a struggle against Darwinism?” or to be misled into thinking that religion and evolution are not incompatible and thus engage in propaganda on its behalf, is a terrible error. People who espouse that idea HAVE FALLEN INTO THE DARWINIST TRAP. Quite unknowingly, they espouse Darwinism and, most importantly of all, atheism. They unknowingly support those who fight the religion of Allah. Almighty Allah warns Muslims against that very danger:
"Do not argue on behalf of those who betray themselves. Allah does not love any evildoing traitors." (Surat an-Nisa, 107)
Therefore, people of good conscience who fear Allah have a duty to live in the awareness of this terrible scourge and to strive in Allah’s name until this heretical ideological system is finally eradicated. As our Lord says in another verse:
"So do not obey the kafirun but use this to battle against them with all your might." (Surat al-Furqan, 52)

1-     Expelled “No Intelligence Allowed” Movie, Ben Stein,Premise Media Corporation
2-     Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker, 1986, p. 6
4-     H. Epoch, Evolution or Creation, (1988), p. 148-149

Darwinism Will Be Consigned to the Dusty Shelves of History - 08.12.2008

 On 8 December 2008 the Bulgarian daily Dnevnik carried an interview Svetoslav Stefanov had conducted with Adnan Oktar. The paper, which emphasized the impact of Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation, published the interview under the caption, “Darwinism Will Be Consigned to the Dusty Shelves of History in Future Years.” 

Muslim athlete celebrated her victory with Sajdah* / Mail Online / 19.08.2008

At this year’s Olympics in Beijing, capital of China, Bahrain’s Al Ghasara won her heat of the women’s 200m sprint. The woman athlete who wears a hijab made sajdah on the ground as she celebrated winning her 200m heat and prayed to Allah.

It is very important for believers to appreciate that any blessings, beauty and success they are bestowed with is Allah’s mercy and grace hence to be grateful to Allah with due gratefulness. In the Qur’an, our Lord conveys how sincere believers remember Allah and glorify Him in such a situation as:
“... and my success (in my task) can only come from Allah. In Him I trust, and unto Him I look.” (Surah Hud, 88)

* prostrating before Allah



Age: 150 million years

Location: Solnhofen Formation, Germany

Period: Jurassic

Crayfish that existed 150 million years ago were no different from those living today. This sameness is one most significant piece of evidence that there has been no evolution. Crayfish always existed as crayfish. Like all living things, they were created by God.


The Pardoner

Whether you reveal a good act or keep it hidden, or pardon an evil act, Allah is Ever-Pardoning, All-Powerful. ( Surat an-Nisa', 149)

People are fallible beings who may at any time think erroneously, make a wrong decision, or display a flawed attitude. But Allah, Who created humanity and is fully aware of these mistakes, forgives them. If He were not so forgiving, no soul would ever attain Paradise . Indeed, Allah calls attention to this fact, as follows:

If Allah were to punish people for their wrong actions, not a single creature would be left upon Earth, but He defers them until a predetermined time. When their specified time arrives, they cannot delay it for a single hour or bring it forward. ( Surat an-Nahl, 61)

Yet we need to remember that Allah only forgives His sincere servants who turn to Him in repentance. Thus, those desiring His forgiveness must be sincere and resolute in their repentance. Allah makes it clear that He will not forgive those who repent but then return to their former ways without feeling any true regret. In one verse, Allah states the following:

Allah only accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and then quickly repent after doing it. Allah turns toward such people. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. ( Surat an-Nisa', 17)


What He Said

Bosna TV, June 3-2008

Adnan Oktar: The circumstances are now ideal for the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There are virtually no obstacles at present. It is as if someone calls out for a union it will be formed instantly. My friends gave out a newspaper advertisement the other day calling for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. Excellent, positive messages have come in from all over.The president of Azerbaijan wants this also. We are in contact with Palestine and they want it, an Islamic Union.Syria wants it, Iraq wants it, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria want it. There is nobody who does not. It merely needs to be given a name. But of course these times have an owner, a right timing, and Allah is delaying this for the formation of these conditions at the correct moment.

Interviewer: As you know, the European Union has been established.The French president has set up an initiative for the establishment of a union of Mediterranean countries.And that union foresees the accession of Islamic countries.That includes North African countries and of course Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
What are your comments about this?

Adnan Oktar: This is very clear. The European Union has united in the basis of Christianity at the moment. They have set up a Christian union. This means such is possible.If there can be a Christian union, there can also be a Muslim one.Christian unity seemed totally out of the question, but it easily happened.Since they regard a Mediterranean union as feasible,an Islamic Union is much more logical and even easier. In other words, the Turkic countries are currently fragmented, like the provinces of Ankara, Konya and Izmir in Turkey. The division between Turkey and Azerbaijan is a totally artificial one. And Kazakhstan. They are all Islamic countries. We also want Jews to live at ease and Israel to be liberated within this Turkish-Islamic Union. We want Israel to be at ease. We want Armenia to be free and at ease. The Turkish-Islamic Union is one in which non-Muslims, too, can live at peace, as if in Paradise. It is not an egoistic union.

What Happened

Daily Vakit, July 11-2008

“A Turkish Prime Minister in Iraq after 18 Years”

“...energy, trade and regional co-operation were discussed in the visits, with Iraqi officials sending the message, ‘We are ready for co-operation.’


Nobody knows what will happen even in the next few hours: at any time one may have an accident, be severely injured, or become disabled. Ttime flies in the countdown to one's own death. Every day brings that predestined day closer. Death surely eradicates all ambitions, greed and desires for this world. Under the soil, neither possessions nor status prevail. Every possession with which we are being stingy, including the body, will also vanish and decay in the earth. Whether one is poor or wealthy, beautiful or ugly, one will be wrapped in a simple shroud one day. We believe that The Truth of the Life of this World offers an explanation regarding the real nature of human life. It is a short and deceptive life in which worldly desires seem fascinating and full of promise, but the truth is otherwise. This site will enable you to perceive your life and all of its realities, and help you reconsider your goals in life, if you want to.



This book maintains that only love, tolerance and peace can eradicate terrorism and reveals, with quotations from the Qur’an, the New Testament and the Torah, that terrorism is a form of savagery condemned by all divine religions. With examples from history, the book demonstrates that the only way to fight terrorism is to embrace the sentiments fostered by the values of religion, such as love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and justice.

One Example of the Predicament in Which Evolutionists Find Themselves

Let evolutionists place large quantities of elements found in the structure of living things-such as phosphorus, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, iron and magnesium-into a large container. Let them also add whatever other materials not actually present under normal conditions, but which they may deem necessary. Let them also mix in as much amino acids (which cannot form spontaneously in the Earth's atmosphere) and as many proteins (even though not a single protein can form by chance) as they wish.

To this mixture, let them apply as much heat and moisture as they desire. Then let them agitate it with whatever advanced equipment they choose. Let them have teams of eminent scientists stand watch over the container for billions or even trillions of years. Let them be free to apply whatever conditions they may believe to be necessary in order for life to form. No matter what they do they will definitely never be able to produce a living organism from it, much less a human being. They will definitely be unable to produce any of the countless living species on Earth, such as giraffes, lions, bees, canaries, nightingales, parrots, horses, dolphins, roses, orchids, irises, carnations, bananas, oranges, apples, dates, tomatoes, melons, water melons, figs, olives, grapes, peaches, peacocks, leeches or brightly-colored butterflies. They will be unable to produce even a single cell, let alone any one of these many life forms.

In short, unconscious, insentient atoms cannot combine together to form a cell. Neither can they subsequently decide to divide that cell into two, and then take further decisions and create creative humans who invent the electron microscope and then examine the structure of their own cells under it. Matter is an inanimate, unconscious substance, and finds life only through God's sublime inspiration.

The theory of evolution, on the other hand, which maintains the exact opposite, is merely nonsense. Just a little consideration of about the irrational claims made by evolutionists will make this crystal clear.

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