Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2009 - The 24th Day


To those who will come into His Presence as believers, Allah gives the promise of Paradise, wherein they will remain forever. As there is no doubt that this promise will be fulfilled, those who believe with certainty will never doubt its truth. Moreover, if they have surrendered their souls to Him as believers, they know that their sins will be forgiven and that they will be accepted into Paradise. The following verse makes this clear:

Gardens of Eden which the All-Merciful has promised to His servants in the Unseen. His promise is always kept. (Surah Maryam, 61)

The fact that Allah has promised Paradise to believers brings them an indescribable joy and enthusiasm. They know that Allah wills Paradise for His faithful servants, and that He has made them its heirs. Here is another verse that mentions this promise:

Is someone to whom We have promised good and who then obtains it like someone to whom We have given enjoyment in the life of the world and then, on the Day of Rising, is one of those brought to punishment? (Surat al-Qasas, 61)

If Allah has promised Paradise to any individuals, they will attain eternal blessings with Allah's permission. And when believers enter Paradise, they will certainly express their thanks to Allah in this way:

They will say: "Praise be to Allah Who has fulfilled His promise to us and made us the inheritors of this land, letting us settle in Paradise wherever we want. How excellent is the wage of those who work." (Surat az-Zumar, 74)

Believers who have been given the good news several times during their earthly lives, and to whom Allah has promised Paradise, will receive at the end of their lives that for which they hoped. Finally, that long-awaited moment will come. The place that they have contemplated throughout their lives, prayed to attain, and striven to be worthy of is Paradise - "the best place to be," and "the most beauteous of all goals." This perfect place was prepared for believers, and its doors are opened to them.

The following verse gives a unique view about their entrance into Paradise:

Gardens of Eden that they will enter, and all of their parents, wives, and children who have acted honorably. Angels will enter in to welcome them from every gate: "Peace be upon you because of your steadfastness! How wonderful is the Ultimate Abode!" (Surat ar-Ra'd, 23-24)

They will be welcomed into Paradise "with greetings and [words of] peace" (Surat al-Furqan, 75), and enter there "in peace, in complete security!" (Surat al-Hijr, 46). There is only one thing left to do: to discover the beauties of this eternal land prepared for believers and endowed with every kind of blessing.


The sublime art of Allah reigns in all living things. In the Qur’an, Allah calls on people to reflect on and examine the proofs of Creation around them. Scientific research constitutes a significant source of information for us to obey this command of Allah’s in the Qur’an. Through this research we can better understand the infinite intelligence, knowledge and might of Allah.

And mankind and beasts and livestock are likewise of varying colors. Only those of His servants with knowledge have fear of Allah. Allah is Almighty, Ever-Forgiving. (Surat al-Fatir, 28)

The research recently conducted into the golden frogs that live in Central and South America is one example of this. Although they are very attractive in appearance, gold frogs are very dangerous animals because of the poison they produce. The source of that poison is a chemical substance called alkaloid secreted from beneath the skin. The poison produced by a single golden frog is strong enough to kill 10 human beings. Researchers discovered that golden frogs obtain this poison thanks to “careful food selection.” They established that golden frogs manufacture alkaloid thanks to feeding patterns that include large quantities of “ants.” Valerie Clarck of Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History in New York and her colleagues analyzed poisons obtained from three different species of frog living in Madagascar and determined that the frogs release toxic secretions thanks to the ants they consume.  These frogs use ants both as food and also for the purpose of manufacturing the poison that allows them to defend themselves. (Researchers Pinpoint Source of Poison Frogs' Deadly Defenses)

How do golden frogs know that they need to produce poison to defend themselves?

How do frogs with no knowledge of chemistry know that they can manufacture poison by eating ants?

How is it that the ants that make the manufacture of this poison, powerful enough to kill 10 people, do not harm the frogs themselves?

How do frogs with no laboratories or means of performing tests know that the ants they eat will not harm them?

It is of course impossible for these two life forms, with no reason or consciousness, to decide and take action for themselves. These superior characteristics in the frogs are powerful evidence of Allah’s infinite Creation. Allah reveals this in another verse of the Qur’an:

The creation of the heavens and the Earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for people with intelligence. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 190)


Celal Şengör claimed in the program that human beings’ ancestors were primitive, cave-dwelling creatures. This is the “stone age” deception put about for many years in order to be able to impose the idea of evolution.

All the evidence for perfect civilizations existing tens of thousands of years ago has been discovered in various archeological excavations. But timber, of course, does not survive for tens of thousands of years. It is oxidized by iron and rots. What remains from those times is generally stone and bone. Looking at these, Darwinists then claim that odd-looking humanoid types lived primitive lives at a time they refer to as the “stone age.”  The fact is though, that even if all that has come down from that time is stone and bone, the evidence that a perfect civilization existed at that time has still survived. Flute, needle and many other discoveries from the time of the human race Darwinists refer to as the Neanderthals all refute these claims. A flute dating back 60,000 years has been shown to produce perfect notes and half-notes. A needle made out of bone, on the other hand, is exceedingly straight and has a hole for thread to be passed through. It is of course impossible to describe as primitive people who enjoyed music and had a clothing culture such as to require the services of a sewing needle.

''Someone Who Properly Comprehends Islam Is Like Someone Drunk on Love'' - 06.09.2008
Azerbaijan Republic/Ayna/Zerkalo Newspaper

Ayna, a newspaper that has been published in Azerbaijan since 1990, carried an interview on 8 September, 2008, that Adnan Oktar had given to Alaskar Alaskarov. Printed under the Russian name Zerkalo, the 20,000 daily circulation paper carried the interview in question under the heading "Someone Who Properly Comprehends Islam Is Like Someone Drunk on Love.” Adnan Oktar's words "killing, bombings and acts of terror are not characteristics of anyone who lives by the love of God" appeared with a highlight from the front page.

Adnan Oktar:
Someone who has fully adopted the Qur’an, who loves God and is filled w ith love for God, is like someone who is like drunk on love. He is in love with God and looks at everything with love and endearment. He will never want to tear things apart, destroy, blow things up or obliterate them.  There is inducement in the essence of Islam. You try to convince the other person. If he remains unconvinced, he is free to believe as he wishes. Obviously there can be no compulsion in the faith. If you force a person to change his beliefs he would become a hypocrite. And hypocrites are the lowest people who go to the lowest circle of hell, and that person will turn into a machine producing these very lowest entities. That is why people must be convinced to be genuine. If he does not believe, he will honestly say he does not believe, and that person must be respected. Each person must be respected. Because that is how God has created him; that is his destiny. You tell him things, and he will understand them if he can, and if he cannot understand, then he will not. 

Prince Charles visits Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta / Antaranews / 04.11.2008
Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Visiting Prince Charles of Britain observed the activities of students at the Ali Maksum Islamic boarding school in Bantul on his visit to Yogyakarta on Tuesday. Observing various educational units in the school, he saw students who were just learning in the classroom and even heard a student reciting Koran verses. After learning about the verses, Prince Charles said such verses could encourage people to do good to the environment and in turn save the earth from environmental destruction.

The school`s secretary, Khoirul Fuad, said "He wants to see how students are learning computer and language and reciting verses as well as using an internet service,"

Fuad said Prince Charles was very interested in Islam and he paid a lot of attention to Islam and therefore he came here to directly see by himself the daily activities in the school. On Prince Charles` interest in hearing the recital of the Koran verses Fuad hoped he would receive Allah`s guidance after that and was interested to convert to Islam.

"That is not impossible because several British parliament members also embrace Islam," he said.

Prince Charles is welcomed in Yogyakarta, where 90 % of the population is Muslims, with great joy. He, who is one of the most followed people in the world, stated that he was interested in Islam in a great deal. Prince Charles’ sympathy towards Islam is significant for Muslims, in terms of showing that Islam is in a rapid rise in the world.


Age: 95 to 72 million years old

Size: 16.5 centimeters (6.5 in)

Location: Haqil, Lebanon

Period: Upper Cretaceous

Viper fish live in mostly tropical waters and have undergone no change in millions of years. All the fossils of viper fish show that this creature has survived millions of years without any change in structure. Evolution cannot explain this. Viper fish once again prove the fact of creation.


The Abaser

Abasing [one party], exalting [the other] (Surat al-Waqi‘a, 3)

Everyone can see, think, and draw conclusions from what they think. For instance, our body's flawless functioning indicates an intricate design. Considering the wisdom inherent in this design's details will make one realize that someone must have planned, designed, and created all of these intricacies.

This process holds true for those who use their faculties. However, other people pay no heed whatsoever to the incidents they encounter. Unfortunately, this second group represents the majority. As we said earlier, they are born, grow up, lead an ordinary life, and then die. However, Allah praises those who think and learn, and humiliates those who do not. As the Qur'an states:

Those who remember Allah, standing, sitting, and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and Earth: “Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Fire. Our Lord, those You cast into the Fire You have indeed disgraced. The wrongdoers will have no helpers.” (Surah Al ‘Imran, 191-192)

Allah exalts those people who think and take heed. True servants of Allah, they are distinguished from all others. Those who do not think and do not use the faculties with which Allah has blessed them, on the other hand, lead a simple life like that of the animals, for they seek only to meet their physical needs. Allah debases such people, for they choose this animal-like life by refusing to exercise their conscience and think. The Qur'an describes them in the following terms:

The likeness of those who are unbelievers is that of someone who yells out to something that cannot hear—it is nothing but a cry and a call. Deaf, dumb, and blind. They do not use their intellect. (Surat al-Baqara, 171)


What He Said

Al Baghdadia TV, April 30-2008

Adnan Oktar: We need to look for a direct solution, of course.  The solution is for the whole Islamic world to come together, the formation of a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership, Turkey making its presence felt in the region as a super power,  for the whole Islamic world to protecting and looking out for the whole Islamic world for all its members as brothers, own brothers  and for them to be strengthened economically, for Turkey to take the whole Turkic Turkish world, almost all of whom are Muslim, under its protection and, as a regional super power, to put a complete stop to terror and anarchy. The solution is to strive to take a major progressive step reminiscent of the time of the Prophet Sulayman (as).

Arabnews, November 9-2008

Adnan Oktar: There is a profound love for Palestine in Turkey. Because the Palestinians are our brothers, believers, humble people and have suffered. They have suffered much. Everyone in Turkey of course supports Palestine. Everyone, right or left, is on the side of Palestine... Left to their own devices they have lived in peace and brotherhood, as in the time of our Prophet (saas). But the atheist Zionist Israeli deep state has to be opposed. The Turkish government is aware of this. The Turkish Army is aware of this. But we have no thoughts of taking on the whole Israeli people, of course.  But the only solution will come with the Turkish-Islamic Union. In that event the problem will be completely resolved. The Israeli deep state will be removed from the equation. The Masonic Israeli deep state, under Masonic management, will only lose its power with the formation of the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Denge TV, January 14-2009

Reporter: Many questions have arrived at our web site; thank you to our viewers for their support. A viewer by the name of Osman Karataş Kıraç asks you this question: the Ottomans managed Palestine and Jerusalem with one sergeant and 10 private soldiers. Is a return to those peaceful days possible? And he wonders what you think about Sultan Abdülhamit.

Adnan Oktar: May he rest in peace. One can see what a glorious person he was from his name - Abdülhamit Khan. A heroic Ottoman sultan we are very proud of. Whom we remember with respect, may he rest in peace. Of course Israel will be literally a paradise once the Turkish-Islamic Union is founded. Jews will be able to worship as they wish in synagogues. Christians will be able to worship as they please in churches. Muslims will pray in mosques. Voices will be raised in remembrance of God, and there will be wealth, plenty and abundance. Atheist Zionists will be hamstrung and the matter will be put to rest. It is somewhere that should be like a paradise, a place of peace. It is atheist Zionists and Masons who spoil it.  This is something that will only happen with the Turkish-Islamic Union. Literally like a modern Ottoman Empire. We cannot say that everything was perfect in the Ottoman Empire, of course, and it did have its flaws.  But benefitting from the experience of the past, those errors will not be repeated. Insha’Allah, it will turn into a more modern, a more beautiful, more developed and broader Ottoman territory.

What Happened

Sabah, January 31-2009

The number of Turkish flags carried by the crowd kept increasing along the route, and the people filling the gardens in front of the Parliament building waved the Turkish flags in their hands and held up posters of prime Minister Erdoğan. Posters of Erdoğan were also stuck up on the Parliament building.

Referring to Erdoğan's words condemning the events in Gaza, al Haya describes Erdoğan as “Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror who captured Istanbul from the Byzantines” and called on Arab leaders “to learn from Erdoğan how a leader can make history.”  Al Haya went on to describe Erdoğan as “in the line of the Ottoman sultans” and as  "Abdülhamid."

In his Friday sermon outside the Jabaliyya refugee camp mosque that had been devastated by Israeli planes, Imam Jelal bin Yusuf  Şerifi said "Prime Minister Erdoğan has caused the Islamic world to raise its head.” 

The imam of the Jabaliyya Mosque, festooned with Turkish flags, went on to say, “We call on the leaders of Arab countries to adopt Prime Minister Erdoğan as a role model.”

End of Times


The end times refer to a period very close to the Day of Judgment, when the morality of the Qur'an will come to prevail and people all over the world will come to live by it. The immorality, oppression, cruelty, injustice and degeneration of previous ages will disappear in that holy time to be replaced by abundance, wealth, beauty, peace and stability. There will also be tremendous technological advances.



The human body is the most complicated machine in the world. We see with it, hear with it, breathe with it, walk and run with it, and sense pleasure with it. Its bones, muscles, arteries, veins and internal organs are organized with marvellous design, and when we examine this design in detail we find even more amazing facts. Every part of the body, though each may seem to be so different from another, is made up of the same material: cells.

Did Unconscious Atoms Think of Setting up and Designing a Power Plant in Our Bodies?

In our cells, the energy plants known as "mitochondria," only 1/100 millimeters in size, are more complex than any oil refinery or hydroelectric station. Our cells, which possess no consciousness or knowledge and are made up of combinations of specific numbers of molecules, produce energy in a manner that is far more economical and practical than that devised by a combination of engineers, technical experts, workers and designers employing the most advanced technology.

Every detail in the energy plants in our cells has been flawlessly created, from energy conservation to the recycling of waste products. The theory of evolution is unable to account for the formation of even one of these features in the cell.

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