Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2009 - The 14th Day

Although some people may realize that images consist of electric signals in the brain, they may also form the impression that the other senses, touch for instance, are different. They may think that when they touch or smell something they are making direct contact with real matter. Again, however, they are actually perceiving nothing more than electric signals in the brain.
When we touch something with our hands, we are not really touching that object at all. A chemical bond is formed between atoms in a constant state of motion. But these atoms never actually “touch” one another. In physical terms, therefore, we have never touched anything we think we have. As a result of this illusory sense of touch, the atoms in our hands vibrate and initiate an electrical current. That current then moves towards the touch center in our brains. It is then “interpreted” when it arrives. And this is a great miracle. In the same way that the visual center interprets an incoming current as a yellow rose, the touch center interprets the signals reaching it as soft, hot or rough. Similar signals head from our mouths to the taste region in the brain and form a sensation of flavor, sweetness or sourness. The signals from the nose reaching the scent detection center in the brain and set up a perception in the brain regarding the aroma of the object in question. Sound from the ears reaches the brain in the form of other electric signals, and we then in some way are convinced that the person calling our names is our mother. We enjoy the tunes set up by electrical signals forwarded to the brain from the ear, and have no doubt that the ringtone is actually coming from the phone.
All this is an extraordinary miracle created by Allah.

But the sound we hear does not actually belong to the phone, and neither does the sound of music come from our stereos. We experience the sound of a telephone, the original of which we can never see, the original of which we can never hear unless Allah so wills. What we see is not the yellow flower on the outside. That flower, its image, its perfume and all its beauty, consists of electric signals reaching our brains. And we have no evidence whether the image of this flower is the same as the real flower on the outside. Peter Russell explains this as follows:
If all that we ever know are the sensory images that appear in our minds, how can we be sure there is a physical reality behind our perceptions? Is it not just an assumption? My answer is: Yes, it is an assumption; nevertheless, it seems a most plausible one.[i]
There is no doubt that it is impossible for us to know whether the images, sounds, smells and tastes that form in our brains actually exist on the outside. On the basis of this, we can be sure of only one thing; there is a world created especially for us in our brains. And we can never know whether other people see this world in the same way we do. We can only see the images, hear the sounds and taste the flavors of a world created especially for us. We can have no direct experience of anything else.
That being the case, we need to ask the following question: can electric signals alone give rise to such a harmonious world?
Of course, not. It is Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, Who creates the world for us in all its reality, clarity and beauty. Allah bestows on us a soul from His own spirit. It is the soul created by Allah that perceives, enjoys and rejoices, and the electric signals are merely an instrument.

[i] Peter Russell, From Science to God "A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness", New World Library, 2002, p. 47

Rain is Sent Down in due Measure

In the eleventh verse of Surat az-Zukhruf, rain is defined as water sent down in "due measure". "It is He (God) Who sends down water in due measure from the sky" (Surat Az-Zukhruf, 11)

Indeed, rain falls on the earth in an unerring measure.

The first of the measures related to rain is its speed of descent. When dropped from a height of 3937 feet, an object having the same weight and size as a rain-drop would continuously accelerate and fall on the ground at a speed of 347 miles/h. The average speed of raindrops, however, is only 9.3-12.4 miles/h.

The reason for this is that the raindrop has a special form that increases the frictional effect of the atmosphere and helps it fall on the ground more slowly. A glance at the figures below is sufficient to understand the disaster the earth would face every time it rained if rain raindrops were in a different form, or the atmosphere did not have the quality of friction.

The minimum altitude of rain clouds is 3937 feet. The effect caused by a single drop falling from that height is equal to a 1 kg object dropped from 5.9 inches. There are also rain clouds at altitudes of 32808 feet. In this case, a single drop would have an effect equal to a 1 kg object dropped from 43.3 inches.

It is estimated that in one second, approximately 16 million tons of water evaporate from the earth. This number is equal to the amount of water that drops on the earth in one second. In one year, this figure amounts to 505x1012 tons. Water continuously circulates in a balanced cycle according to a "measure".


A few days ago the Darwinist David Attenborough came up with a claim regarding a striking discovery(!). According to that claim, the fictitious missing link in human evolution was missing no longer! The fact is, however, that the fossil Ida, depicted as an extraordinary discovery in special broadcasts and publications, is in fact an extinct lemur.

Attempts have been made to use wide-ranging propaganda to launch the fossil Ida as the “ancestor of man” on various web sites such as those of ABC, BBC, Science Daily and the Guardian. In this propaganda all Darwinist publications were agreed that this was the fossil that everyone had been awaiting but that had never to date been found. But all that was found was nothing more than an exceptionally well preserved fossil lemur. So with what claims did Darwinists launch this fossil lemur, discovered in Germany and estimated to be 47 million years old?

The only reason for the Darwinist speculation about the fossil was WHAT IS NOT IN IT! The fossil belonged to a lemur, but had slightly different teeth and claw structures to those of present-day lemurs. It therefore represented an extinct species of lemur that once lived in the past. That was the basis for all the Darwinist clamor.

This animal, 95% preserved and with even its internal organs fossilized, was a perfect life form. It had not a single semi-developed, deficient or redundant structure. It is therefore impossible to regard it as a transitional form. Nonetheless, the Darwinist media made a huge fuss out of depicting this perfect fossil as a transitional form. Science Daily described the fossil as “extraordinary.” Sky News went even further and described the fossil as the “eighth wonder of the world.” The Darwinist David Attenborough said “The link they would have said until now is missing ... it is no longer missing.” By making that statement, Attenborough was in one sense admitting the invalidity of the skulls that have for years been portrayed as missing links in the imaginary evolution of man. His error was to imagine that this perfect fossil lemur was the ancestor of man.

Even some Darwinists looked askance at all this furor. Darwinist Henry Gee, editor in chief of Nature magazine, openly stated that it was misleading to refer to this creature as a “missing link.” And that statement has been carried in all the Darwinist references reporting the story.

The picture that emerged while all this clamor was being made revealed the following reality to the entire world: THE PITIFUL SITUATION DARWINISTS FIND THEMSELVES IN. Aware of the hopeless position they were in, Darwinists made themselves even more pitiful by taking an extinct lemur fossil and saying it represents “a forebear of man.”



Ninety percent of the species that have lived on Earth are extinct. THERE ARE 99 SPECIES OF LEMUR, 16 OF WHICH ARE EXTINCT. Newly discovered fossils raise the number of extinct species. A great many extinct species have also disappeared entirely.


Darwinists have never mentioned the following facts, out of a fear of the truth about this fossil they have speculated so much over eventually coming to light:

1.    The fossil is 95% complete. It has therefore been possible to examine its every detail, including the animal’s internal organs. And apart from a few details pointing to variations unique to individual species, IT IS A PERFECT SPECIES OF LEMUR.

2.    Darwinist publications have claimed that Ida has an opposable thumb, and that this feature is different to that in other mammals but the same as that in humans. The fact is that all living lemurs have thumbs of this kind.

3.    In the same way, Darwinists have tried to point to Ida’s nails as evidence for their claims. But other primates also do have nails.

4.    Darwinists maintain that Ida’s ankle bone “is the same as that in human beings.” But the other foot structure in this life form is entirely different to that in humans. Comparing one single bone in the feet while ignoring all the other differences is a familiar element of Darwinist propaganda.

5.    Darwinists say that the fossil, different from present-day lemurs, does not have fused teeth in the middle of its bottom jaw or a grooming claw, and seek to use these as evidence for their claims. The fact is that the animal’s teeth resemble those of monkeys. The lack of a grooming claw, on the other hand, is a feature unique to the species. The absence of these characteristics from an extinct lemur exhibiting variations peculiar to the species is not evidence that the creature evolved. It is in no way evidence that this animal is “the imaginary ancestor of man.” Its teeth and toes are perfect. It exhibits no features that are in the process of evolving, semi-developed, deficient or abnormal.

6.    The fossil was actually discovered in 1983. It has taken 26 years for this huge sensation to break. The reason for the long delay is probably that the fossil is being used as a vehicle for conjecture just when Darwinists need it the most, when they have been totally routed. From having been kept as an ordinary fossil lemur, it suddenly became the greatest discovery Darwinists had ever made.

All the Darwinist speculation around this fossil is based on the totally unscientific idea that “this characteristic resembles man.” Of course life forms resemble one another. But this is no proof of the lie of evolution. Instead of depicting similarities as evidence for the fiction that is evolution, Darwinists need to bring a real transitional fossil, and point to deficient but developing, semi-developed or abnormal structures in it. But it is impossible for them to do that. Because, like all other life forms, this lemur was created from nothing and in a perfect state by our Almighty Lord. And the fossils prove that.


Ida is the clearest example of how any fossil can be distorted by Darwinists and DEPICTED AS THE ANCESTOR OF MAN by way of fraud and deception. The furor that has arisen about this fossil is just the latest and freshest example of the rotten foundations of Darwinist propaganda, which we have been describing for a very long time. Darwinists still imagine that they can deceive and mislead people as they please when they engage in intensive speculation about a fossil. The fact is, however, that people are now perfectly well aware of the false methods used to further Darwinist propaganda. They have therefore immediately realized that a perfect fossil lemur depicted as the “forerunner of man” is just another component of this false propaganda.

The conclusion to be drawn from Ida is that Darwinists are in a terrible state of despair. Darwinist scientists have had to remove from the literature all the fossils they once declared to be “missing links” as they are all frauds, and are now shamelessly espousing yet another such fraud. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM, of which there should be trillions according to Darwinism, EXISTS. Nobody believes in this fraud any more. Darwinists must now admit that their perverse theory has now come to the end of the road, and finally been buried.

Belief in Creation Is Growing Fast in Europe on Darwin's 200th Anniversary - 06.01.2009
France/Le Figaro

Le Figaro, one of France’s leading dailies, carried a piece drawing attention to the rise in belief in Creation on Darwin’s 200th anniversary. The report, dated 6 January, 2009, said that the numbers of people believing in Creation had risen in the wake of the appearance in French schools of the Atlas of Creation. In addition, the piece reported that “the impact this will have on young minds in particular is most worrying.” Of course, the worry here is that felt at the defeat of lies and nonsense in the face of the revelation and convincing nature of the truth. France, which was once literally the bastion of Darwinism and materialist philosophy, has now suffered a deadly blow to its official ideologies with the Atlas of Creation. Some Darwinist circles, that have still not recovered from that shock, are uneasy at the exposition of the fact of Creation and the lifting of the Darwinist spell. However, the evidence for Allah’s existence is everywhere, and that evidence is made available to millions of people through the works of Harun Yahya. 

Brazilian Footballer Kaka's Belief in God / The Sydney Morning Herald / 16.01.2009

The famous Brazilian footballer Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, also known as Kaka, says that even at the age of 12 he knew “that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not."

At the age of 18 Kara, a devout believer, had an accident in a swimming pool and broke a vertebra. Kaka criticizes the doctors who said it was a matter of luck that he could walk normally, and says that he and his family regarded the situation as a blessing from Allah: "They [the doctors] were talking about luck, and my family was talking about God. We knew that it was His hand that had saved me."

Kaka has the words “God is faithful” stitched on his clothes and says, “My family and my belief in God … are the things which determine my life. I do want to live my life in the right way and live my life close to God."

It is most important for one to trust in the infinite might of Allah and to live in the awareness that it is Allah Who creates all things. Almighty Allah reveals in the Qur’an that all things happen under His control:

[He is] the Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. (Surat al-Baqara, 117)



Age: 490 to 443 million years

Period: Ordovician

Location: Kataoua Formation, Morocco

Starfish generally live on the sea floor, and some species live at depths of 7,000 meters. Evolutionists are in a hopeless position when faced with these echinoderms, which have survived unchanged for around half a billion years. These creatures have remained exactly the same, not for 10 million or 100 million years, nor even for 200 million, but for roughly 500 million years.

If evolutionists’ claims were true, then starfish should long since have turned into different life forms over the course of 500 million years, and the remains of many odd-looking creatures, half-starfish and partly some other invertebrate, should be visible in the fossil record. Yet the fossil record contains no such evidence for evolutionists’ claims.

As the 500-million-year-old starfish pictured here proves, starfish have always existed as starfish, are not descended from any other life form, and never turned into any other species.


The Enricher

That it is He Who enriches and Who satisfies. ( Surat an-Najm, 53:48)

Allah, the true Owner of all wealth, tests some people with wealth and others with poverty. In His capacity of al-Warith (the Inheritor), Allah is the sole inheritor of everything. When people die, they leave behind all of their possessions. As for those who take pride in their possessions and wealth and thus fail to remember Allah, the Qur'an relates the following:

Do they imagine that, in the wealth and children We extend to them, We are hastening to them with good things? No indeed, but they have no awareness! ( Surat al-Mu'minun, 55-56)

Allah may reward whomever He wills with great wealth. The Qur'an calls attention to the great wealth granted to such Messengers as Prophet Ibrahim (as), Prophet Muhammad (saas), Prophet Dawud (as), and Prophet Yusuf (as). Prophet Sulayman (as), on the other hand, asked for unprecedented wealth, and Allah answered his prayer.

One point deserves special mention here: Allah's Messengers used their wealth to attain His good pleasure by doing good deeds. However, unbelievers take pride in their wealth and forget its real owner.

The Qur'an gives a detailed account of the wealth that a few people, who deserve to earn Allah's good pleasure and thereby attain Paradise , will enjoy in the Hereafter. This glory is depicted in the following verses:

So Allah has safeguarded them from the evil of that Day, has made them meet with radiance and pure joy, and will reward them for their steadfastness with a garden and with silk. Reclining in it on couches, they will experience neither burning sun nor bitter cold. Its shading branches will droop down over them, its ripe fruit hanging ready to be picked. Vessels of silver and goblets of pure crystal will be passed round among them, crystalline silver—they have measured them very exactly. They will be given a cup to drink mixed with the warmth of ginger. In it is a flowing spring called Salsabil. Ageless youths will circulate among them, serving them. Seeing them, you would think them scattered pearls. Seeing them, you see delight and a great kingdom. They will wear green garments of fine silk and rich brocade. They will be adorned with silver bracelets. And their Lord will give them a pure draught to drink. “This is your reward. Your striving is fully acknowledged.” ( Surat al-Insan, 11-22)


What He Said

Following Adnan Oktar's call for the Turkish-Islamic world to unite, cultural and economic co-operation between Turkish and Muslim states has gathered speed.

Çay TV, July 23-2008
Adnan Oktar: It is as natural as that. We have one faith, one language, one everything, we share the same roots, we are brothers but separated. If we were to suggest to Azerbaijan that they unite with us they would accept without thinking about it for even a day. All that is needed is for an official request to be made. We can easily unite as two states, one nation. There are no obstacles. That applies to Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, and East Turkestan, it will make life easier for all of them, and that will also apply to the Islamic world as a result of that unification. Iraq and Syria have a great desire to amalgamate with Turkey. The whole problem is one of Turkey making it open, giving it a name, in other words. A request would be enough.

Azerbaijan State News Agency, August 14-2008
Adnan Oktar: The most urgent task in our day is for the Turkic world to unite at once, come together and act as brother countries.  This has been delayed for far, far too long. This must happen this century. What I see as being most appropriate in the first stage is for Turkey and Azerbaijan to unite. This would seem to be the most suitable amalgamation. Then Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, East Turkestan, Tatarstan and the rest will follow, insha’Allah, but we think that this has to be resolved first.

What Happened

Daily Sabah, December16-2008

Reciprocal Investments with Turkey Will Grow


You can find all of Adnan Oktar's interviews with various Turkish and overseas media institutions, such as al-Jazeera TV, Germany’s ART television, Baghdad TV, the Albanian Vision Plus and Vatan TV, on this site. In addition, you can also access press conferences held at different times through this site.

In these interviews, Adnan Oktar states that Muslims now have much greater ease of action, describing how the collapse of Darwinism has also broken the power of materialism, Marxism, communism, fascism and Freemasonry. He also adds that the developments taking place have given Muslims an intellectual victory and certainty. In one of these interviews, Mr. Oktar says that secularism represents an important element of social equilibrium, not just in Turkey but in all societies, and goes on to state that when secularism is applied in Turkey, people will be able to live in peace no matter what ideas they hold, and that there will be no tension, conflict or fight. He also describes how the annihilation of Darwinism has led to great ease among Muslims and that Islam is now spreading like wildfire, and also touches on the global impact of the Atlas of Creation.


The purpose of this book is to rescue people from Darwinism's influence by revealing the exact ways in which it effects its persuasions and by uncovering the efforts that Darwinists make to prevent this illusion from losing its power. At the same time, we'll help you employ your own conscience and intelligence to consider-and understand-the self-evident fact of Creation.

The 99% Genetic Similarity between Man and Chimps Is A Deception

For a very long time, the evolutionist choir has been propagating the unsubstantiated thesis that there is very little genetic difference between humans and chimps. In every piece of evolutionist literature, you could read sentences like "we are 99 percent equal to chimps" or "there is only 1 percent of DNA that makes us human". Although no conclusive comparison between human and chimp genomes has been done, the Darwinist ideology led them to assume that there is very little difference between the two species.

A recent study shows that the evolutionist propaganda on this issue-like many others-is completely false. Humans and chimps are not "99% similar" as the evolutionist fairy tale went on. Genetic similarity turns out to be less than 95 %.

A biologist at the California Institute of Technology based this on a computer program that compared 780,000 of the 3 billion base pairs in the human DNA helix with those of the chimp. He found more mismatches than earlier researchers had, and concluded that at least 3.9 percent of the DNA bases were different.

This led him to conclude that there is a fundamental genetic difference between the species of about 5 percent.(http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/science/09/24/humans.chimps.ap/index.html)

New Scientist, a leading science magazine and a strong supporter of Darwinism, reported the following on the same subject in an article titled "Human-chimp DNA difference trebled":

We are more unique than previously thought, according to new comparisons of human and chimpanzee DNA. It has long been held that we share 98.5 per cent of our genetic material with our closest relatives. That now appears to be wrong. In fact, we share less than 95 per cent of our genetic material, a three-fold increase in the variation between us and chimps. (http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99992833)

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