Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2009 - The 12th Day


That is because Allah has sent down the Book with truth and those who differ from the Book are entrenched in hostility. (Surat al-Baqara, 176)
He has sent down the Book to you with truth.... (Surah Al 'Imran, 3)

Mankind! A clear proof has come to you from your Lord. We have sent down a Clear Light to you. As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into mercy and favor from Him and will guide them to Him on a straight path. (Surat an-Nisa, 174-175)
And this is a Book which We have revealed as a blessing: so follow it and be righteous, that ye may receive mercy. (Surat al- Al-An'am, 155)
Follow what has been sent down to you from your Lord and do not follow any protectors apart from Him. How little you remember! (Surat al-A’raf, 3)
Alif Lam Mim Ra. Those are the signs of the Book. And what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the Truth. But most people have no belief. (Surat ar-Ra’d, 1)
It is We Who have sent down the Reminder and We Who will preserve it. (Surat al-Hijr, 9)


We have sent it down with truth and with truth it has come down. We only sent you to bring good news and to give warning. (Surat al-Isra', 105)
Praise belongs to Allah Who has sent down the Book to His servant and has put no crookedness in it. (Surat al-Kahf, 1)
In this way We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an and We have made various threats in it so that hopefully they will guard against evil or it will spur them into remembrance. (Surah Ta Ha, 113)
We have sent down to you a Book containing your Reminder. So will you not use your intellect?  (Surat al-Anbiya', 10)

We have sent down clear signs to you and the example of those who passed away before you and an admonition for those who guard against evil. (Surat an-Nur, 34)
We have sent down signs making things clear. Allah guides whoever He wills to a straight path. (Surat an-Nur, 46)
Is it not enough for them that We have sent down to you the Book which is recited to them? There is certainly a mercy and reminder in that for people who believe. (Surat al-'Ankabut, 51)
We have sent down the Book to you with the truth so that you can judge between people according to what Allah has shown to you. But do not be an advocate for the treacherous. (Surat an- Nisa', 105)
It is a Revelation sent down by (Him), the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (Surah Ya Sin, 5)

“Am I to desire someone other than Allah as a judge when it is He Who has sent down the Book to you clarifying everything?” Those We have given the Book know it has been sent down from your Lord with truth, so on no account be among the doubters. (Surat al-An'am, 114)


Those who have been given knowledge see that what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth and that it guides to the Path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy. (Surah Saba', 6)
We have conveyed the Word to them so that hopefully they will pay heed. Those to whom We sent the Book before this,- they do believe in this (revelation). And when it is recited to them, they say: "We believe therein, for it is the Truth from our Lord: indeed we have been Muslims (bowing to Allah’s Will) from before this. (Surat al-Qasas, 51-53)
Verily this is a Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. With it came down the spirit of Faith and Truth- To thy heart and mind, that thou mayest admonish. In the perspicuous Arabic tongue. Without doubt it is (announced) in the mystic Books of former peoples. Is it not a Sign to them that the Learned of the Children of Israel knew it (as true)? Had We revealed it to any of the non-Arabs. And had he recited it to them, they would not have believed in it. (Surat-ash-Shu'ara', 192-199)
That this is indeed a Qur’an Most Honourable, In Book well-guarded. Which none shall touch but those who are clean: A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. (Surat al-Waqi'a, 77-80)
We have sent you with the Truth, bringing good news and giving warning. Do not ask about the inhabitants of the Blazing Fire. (Surat al-Baqara, 119)
Such are the Signs of Allah, which We rehearse to thee in Truth; then in what exposition will they believe after (rejecting) Allah and His Signs? (Surat al-Jathiyya, 6)

And (it is) so that those who have been given knowledge will know it is the truth from their Lord and believe in it and their hearts will be humbled to Him. Allah guides those who believe to a straight path. (Surat al-Hajj, 54)

Migratory birds minimize energy consumption by using different "flight techniques". Albatrosses are also observed to have such a flight style. These birds, which spend 92% of their lives on the sea, have wing spans of up to 11.48 feet. The most important characteristic of albatrosses is their flight style: they can fly for hours without beating their wings at all. To do so, they glide along in the air keeping their wings constant by making use of the wind.

It requires a great deal of energy to keep wings with a wing span of 3.5 meters constantly open. Albatrosses, however, can stay in this position for hours. This is due to the special anatomical system they are bestowed with from the moment of their birth. During flight, the wings of the albatross are blocked. Therefore, it does not need to use any muscular power. Wings are lifted only by muscle layers. This greatly helps the bird during its flight. This system reduces the energy consumed by the bird during flight. The albatross does not use energy because it does not beat its wings or waste energy to keep its wings outstretched. Flying for hours by making exclusive use of wind provides an unlimited energy source for it. For instance, a 22 pound albatross loses only 1% of its body weight while it travels for 621 mph. This is indeed a very small rate. Men have manufactured gliders taking albatrosses as a model and by making use of their fascinating flight technique.


Darwinists maintain that the people around them are simplifying Darwinism and Darwin, by provocatively saying, “A fool called Darwin” or “Look, we resemble monkeys, so we must be descended from them.”

But this is a deception. There is no provocation going on. People have merely been told about the information of which they are unaware in recent years. It has been proved that they were misled and deceived for years. They have been told how Darwinism is a lie, that it is only kept alive by propaganda, that Darwinists have produced false evidence to rescue their position, and that they try to mislead people with the lies that “we have found a transitional fossil” or “this is the missing link,” even though not a single transitional form fossil exists. People have seen the 100 million fossils that were concealed from them for years. They have touched these fossils with their own hands at exhibitions and have seen that living things HAVE REMAINED UNCHANGED for millions of years. There is no longer any chance of deceiving them.

What Darwinists are in fact complaining about is this: Darwinists have seen that people’s awareness has risen. They realize that people have discovered that Darwinism is nonsense. In complaining about the over-simplification of Darwinism they are actually expressing their unhappiness with this state of affairs. The fact is that Darwinism has not been oversimplified at all, though its facile and false face has finally been exposed.

Darwinism is a theory that claims that “the first cell formed by chance in muddy water.” It maintains that the whole variety of life came into being through chance, unconscious and random events. It ascribes the existence of such extraordinary structures as wings, fins, feathers and tails to blind coincidence alone. And no matter how much Darwinists may deny it, Darwinism claims that “humans are descended from monkeys because they resemble monkeys.” Darwinism is no more complex than that.

Darwinists are shocked and alarmed by the exposure of this facile logic and have therefore recently been sheltering behind the claim that “monkeys are not really our ancestors, but our cousins.” But this is part of the same deception. When Darwinism asserts, “Man comes from a primate”, does this incur a different meaning? A monkey or a primate, what difference does it make? Is it not the same old outdated lie and perverted claim? Does this false theory suddenly become scientific if one says “man’s ancestor is a primate” or “humans and primates have the same ancestor”? Of course, not. This is nothing else than maintaining the deception by way of sophistry. It merely treats people with contempt.

Darwinists’ worries very probably stem from Darwinism’s sudden and recent collapse. Their attempts to portray Darwinism as a scientific theory, to claim that it has been proved “apart from a few minor points” and the way they complain about people ridiculing this outdated theory are all indications of this. Because Darwinists are facing a situation they never expected. Paleontology, the only science that might have produced any evidence for Darwinism, HAS PRODUCED NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL. 100 million fossils have been unearthed, BUT THESE ALL PROVE CREATION. All fossils belong to perfect life forms. Nothing is deficient, missing, semi-developed or peculiar in them. Moreover, a significant part of these fossils are identical to life forms around today. LIVING THINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS. In other words, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EVOLUTION.

Darwinists sought the answer to all this powerful evidence by HIDING fossils away. (Darwinists have done this before. They kept Cambrian Period fossils dating back 540 million years that dealt a serious blow to Darwinism HIDDEN AWAY FOR 70 YEARS.) But the unearthing of these fossils from where they had been concealed has come as a huge shock. A great awakening against the Darwinist deception has begun in all countries of the world. Instead of believing in Darwinism, people now laugh at it as a false and outdated theory. That is why Darwinists complain about university instructors, teachers and even their own families laughing at Darwinism. Darwinists are no longer able to prevent people coming to full awareness in the face of the true scientific facts.

Oktar Has Targeted the Whole of Europe - 10.02.2009
Canada/La Presse

La Presse, one of Canada’s highest circulation dailies, published in French in Montreal ever since 1884, carried an article describing the rise of belief in Creation in Europe. An article in the 10 February, 2009, issue referred to the impact of Adnan Oktar’s works as follows:

... Adnan Oktar (pen name Harun Yahya) of Turkish origins... the author of 200 documentaries, and 300 books translated into 60 different languages and with 200 web sites. He has succeeded in spreading creationism widely in Turkey... Oktar has targeted the whole of Europe, and is doing this particularly with his showy book called the Atlas of Creation. But he concentrates on France in particular, because if he can make himself accepted in a country with powerful non-religious roots, then he believes his cause will have been successful.

Reports in the French press say that belief in Creation is spreading widely, despite all the obstacles. Teachers are reporting difficult moments in class in the face of anti-Darwin objections. Darwinist-materialist circles are literally in mourning over the way the French have lost with a single book – the Atlas of Creation - a philosophy they have espoused for 150 years.

A German Woman Who Came to Turkey on Holiday Becomes a Muslim / Daily Vakit / 29.01.2009

Hildegard Eitschberger, who lives in the German city of Berlin, became a Muslim by visiting the Registry Office in Manavgat where she was on holiday. Eitschberger said that she had come to Manavgat on holiday and decided to become a Muslim there, and went on to state:

"I had looked into Islam for years and am convinced Islam is the true faith. I read the Holy Qur’an and was much affected by it. I later decided to change my life within the framework of the laws of Islam and thus to become a Muslim.”


Age: 80 million years

Period: Cretaceous

Location: Gui Zhou Area, China

Evolutionist efforts to portray the supposed evolutionary ancestor of the tiger are pointless. Fossils have proven that tigers are not descended from any other life form, but have always existed as tigers. The fossil pictured shows that tigers living 80 million years ago were identical to those alive today, effectively silencing all evolutionist claims to the contrary.

Living things did not emerge as the result of mutation and chance. Almighty God, Lord of sublime creative power, has created all life forms.


The Exalter; The Raiser

Mention Idris in the Book. He was a true man and a Prophet. We raised him up to a high place. (Surah Maryam, 56-57)

People who are ignorant of religion lead a life that is far from Allah. Therefore, they neither observe His commands and prohibitions nor appreciate the countless blessings He grants out of His favor. Unable to think or exercise spiritual intelligence, they cannot appreciate Allah's glory.

Throughout history, Allah has sent Messengers to all societies to convey His commands, prohibitions, and recommendations. In this way, He calls upon people who are far from religion to abandon their ignorance and lack of knowledge and then grants them another opportunity to follow the straight path. These Messengers were members of the nations to which they were sent, and were known for their moral excellence, wisdom, and superior conscience. As the Qur'an states many times, Messengers are people chosen by Allah to warn their people. They are distinguished from their fellows by being the first to notice Allah's existence and greatness, and the nearness of the Hereafter. These features reveal their superiority.

After being granted prophethood, the Messengers called their people to the right path and warned them of the punishment of Hell. The difficulties that they faced, the hardships that the insolent unbelievers placed in their paths, and even the attempts on their lives never diverted them from the right path. On the contrary, such events deepened their faith. At times, Messengers met people who said: “We are Muslims submitted to our Lord,” but then suddenly deserted them when they encountered some difficulty. But they persevered, for these chosen servants of Allah were “on a sure footing with the Lord” (Surah Yunus, 2) and wholly submitted to Him.

In return for their sincerity and trust, Allah made them distinguished both in this world and in the Hereafter. The related verses read:

This is the argument We gave to Ibrahim against his people. We raise in rank anyone We will. Your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing. We gave him Ishaq and Ya‘qub, each of whom We guided. And before him We had guided Nuh. And among his descendants were Dawud and Sulayman, and Ayyub, Yusuf, Musa, and Harun. That is how We recompense the good-doers. And Zakariyya, Yahya, ‘Isa, and Ilyas. All of them were among the righteous. And Isma‘il, al-Yasa‘, Yunus, and Lut. All of them We favored over all beings. ( Surat al-An‘am, 83-85)


What He Said

Asia RFA Radio, June 14-2008

Asia RFA: When you say Turkish-Islamic Union, where exactly do you mean?

Adnan Oktar:  Everywhere from The Adriatic to China. Including the Caucasus and Turkistan. Including East Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, all of these included.

Asia RFA: Where do you place Christian and Buddhist Turks within that?

Adnan Oktar:  They will also live at ease within that union. Their rights will be protected in the finest manner. It will even ensure that atheists enjoy the necessary respect, concern and services.

Asia RFA: Yes, Mr. Harun. Now, you know about East Turkestan, of course. Enver Pasha died in Tajikistan, in what is now Turkistan territory. Many people in Turkey today say that Enver Pasha was a dreamer. But they might not be saying that if Turkistan, the pan-Turanian Union, had become a reality at that time. What we have today, of course, is the work of Nursultan Nazarbayev, which has been around for some time. There is talk of the establishment of a Turkistan [pan-Turkish] Union. What do you think of that?

Adnan Oktar: There is only one union. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union. It rests on the most perfect, most splendid, powerful and credible foundations. This is a just union acceptable to and including everyone. It will defend Armenians within the Turkish-Islamic Union. And Israelis and Jews. And Buddhists. And atheists. It will protect and embrace them all. But if one only wants this kind of Turk or that kind of Turk, then that is corruption. There can be no such thing. There are no different kinds of Turk. Turks are Turks. Wherever they may be in the world, they are brothers. There can be no diversity within Islam. They may be Sunnis, or Shiites, as in Azerbaijan. Or they may be Wahabbites. Or Alawites. But they are all our brothers. None of the separatist definitions can be accepted. We shall unite them all together, InshaAllah.

What Happened

Daily Star, August 3-2008




Darwin’s thesis—that human beings and apes are descended from a common ancestor—has not been supported by any scientific findings, either when he first proposed it, nor in the following period of some 150 years. The fossils obtained have proved that apes have always existed as apes, and that human beings have always existed as human beings. Apes did not transform into humans, and present-day apes and humans have no common ancestor.

Investigations into ape skulls, skulls from other vertebrate species, and various races of humans that lived at different times in the past show that they all possessed their different characteristics from the beginning and remained unchanged right through the passage of years. This means that living things never evolved, but were all created by Allah, Almighty God. Through the evidence of fossil specimens depicted in this site, you too will see why the theory of Darwinism has collapsed.


The religion God chose for people, which best suits their temperament, is the religion of Islam. God has made His religion very easy for people to live by. Religion lifts all the burdens, and things that are limiting and restricting and that cause people hardship. It informs people that they should always seek God’s approval, lean towards Him, and resign themselves to the fate that He has determined for them, for He is infinitely compassionate, kind and forgiving; He creates everything with a purpose for righteous people; He is the possessor of all power. God, in the Qur’an, declares that religion is easy and that He will make things easier for those who follow their religion: … He has selected you and not placed any constraint upon you in the observance of your religion—the religion of your forefather Ibrahim… (Surat Al-Hajj, 78) Our Prophet (saas) has always ordered Muslims around him to make religion “easier.” As a result, righteous Muslims should obey this command and should not suffer the consequences of representing easy things as hard. One of our Prophet's (saas) sayings on this matter is as follows: "Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them, and make them calm (with glad tidings) and do not repulse (them)." In this book, in accordance with the advice of our Prophet (saas), we are reminded of how easy it is to live God’s religion. Furthermore, it is explained that the religion of Islam encourages the lifestyle most suitable to a person’s temperament, comfort, and happiness: a life lead by the morals of the Qur’an is the best possible life a person can live.

The Fossil Record Refutes the Famous "Equine Evolution" Scenario

For decades now, the "evolution" of the horse has been presented as one of the best- documented proofs of the theory of evolution. Four-footed mammals that lived in different periods have been arranged in an arbitrary order from small to large, and this "horse series" displayed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The fact is, however, that recent research in years has revealed that the extinct species in the horse series were not one another's ancestors. The sequence is highly inaccurate, and that the smaller quadrupeds depicted as the ancestor of the horse actually appeared on Earth long afterwards.

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