Harun Yahya

RAMADAN 2009 - The 10th Day


He is Allah. There is no god but Him. Praise be to Him in the world and the hereafter. Judgement belongs to Him. You will be returned to Him. (Surat al-Qasas:70)

Never Forget That...

- Our sole purpose in life is to serve Allah,

- Allah encompasses everything from East to West,

- Allah exercises absolute control over natural events and He directs their whole affairs,

- Allah holds all people under His control, including our mothers, fathers, classmates and colleagues,

- Allah is the true protector and defender of man,

- Allah will always win in the end,

- It is only Allah Who can relieve us of all the forms of difficulties we encounter,

- Allah knows the hidden truth of an event, the details pertaining to it, and any other unknown aspects about it,

- Allah knows the details of the deeds one has done throughout one's lifetime,

- Allah possesses the power to do anything He wishes,

- Allah knows all the subtle details pertaining to all matters, that He benefits His servants who fear Him,

- Allah protects those who take refuge in Him and gives them relief,

- Allah desires to make things easier for us,

- Everything that happens to us occurs under His control,

- Allah is the Originator of the heavens and earth, and when He decides on something, He merely says "Be!" and it is,

- Allah knows everything beyond our knowledge,

- No one can change what Allah wills for him and no one can prevent something from happening, be it good or bad, if Allah wills for him,

- To look at and reflect upon the Signs Allah shows you within yourself and outside of you,

- Everything in the earth and in the heavens glorifies His praises,

- Allah warns us constantly to help us attain true faith and reminds us through various ways,

- Allah has given us love of faith and has made disbelief, deviance and disobedience hateful to us,

- Allah will bring forward a people whom He loves and who love Him to replace those who renounce the religion,

- Allah erases bad actions from true believers,

- Allah gives the power of discernment to judge between right and wrong to those who have fear of Allah,

-Allah is closer to us than anyone or anything,

-We need to pray to Allah that He keep us as His friend till eternity.

The Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish possesses a very complex eye structure. At this point it is  out of the question for it to miss its prey. The better your eyes see around you, the more you have to conceal yourself. It has 10 limbs, all of which possess muscular sucker discs. It can swim quickly or slowly. It moves by forcing water from a siphon beneath its head. With its hydrodynamic shape which allows it to progress without encountering water resistance, the cuttlefish is one of the fastest-moving sea creatures. Some species are capable of swimming at 33 km an hour. The secret behind such great speed is a network of protein fibers woven through its body. Thanks to the strength and elasticity of these fibers, it is able to pump water very quickly.

There is one very important point here which needs careful attention: the working principle of today's jet propulsion engines is exactly the same as that of the cuttlefish. A technique which mankind only began to imitate in the 20th century has been used by the cuttlefish for millions of years.


Darwinists have recently been speaking about the theory of evolution being oversimplified, in a deliberately provocative way, and being described as “the facile nonsense that we were once apes and are now human.”

It will first be of great use to tell these people the following: Darwin’s theory of evolution is a false one, developed in the outdated and very ignorant scientific climate in Darwin’s time, that rests on no scientific evidence whatsoever, and that was launched in order to resurrect the pagan Sumerian and Egyptian faiths of the past. As science subsequently advanced, and as the complexity of the cell in particular emerged in the branches of genetics and microbiology, and as new fossils were discovered in paleontology, and as it was realized that not a single such fossil represented a transitional form, the theory of evolution was dealt a body blow and subsequently collapsed.


BUT DESPITE ALL THESE THINGS, a false theory has become enshrined in national laws under the influence, pressure and imposition of the DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP, has entered school text books and become as issue whose validity is “indisputable.” University teachers have been threatened for opposing evolution, opponents of the theory have been expelled from their schools and lost their jobs, and students have failed their exams for questioning evolution. This extraordinarily illogical theory, which offers such a facile explanation for such an extraordinary and complex entity as man and that accounts for all the glorious diversity of life on earth solely in terms of “chance,” now dominates the entire world through this intense imposition.

But events have turned out exactly opposite to what Darwinists intended. This theory, so facile that even children would laugh at it, was imposed on the world as if it were the scientific truth. World-famous professors have become adherents of this ludicrous theory, and the world’s best known publications have carried reports of overtly fraudulent evidence of Darwinism for days on end. People at the highest level of the state have become unable even to mention the evolution deceit. The public have been taken in by this deception for a century and a half, the Pope has been forced to hold conferences on evolution on his very doorstep and as a result of unbelievable pressure, churches have had to issue apologies to Darwin.

A nonsensical, facile and very run-of-the-mill deception was thus turned into a false scientific taboo under the pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship. A lie was imposed on people for long years. For a century and a half, people were obliged to believe that lie. Because Darwinism is a heretical religion, one which efforts are being made to impose on the whole world under the influence of a community largely made up of freemasons. There is nothing scientific about it at all.

It is therefore impossible to accept Darwinists’ claims about “dumbing down.” On the contrary, what we are looking at is a fraud being disguised as science and turned into a mass deception.

The Salvation of East Turkestan Lies in the Turkish-Islamic Union - 10.06.2008
USA/Radio Free Asia

RFA (Radio Free Asia), an American radio station that broadcasts in Asia in nine languages carried an interview with Adnan Oktar on its Uyghur website. The author stressed the importance of Islamic union for the liberation of East Turkestan from Chinese oppression, and gave the following message to the people of East Turkestan:

“They are very dear to me, my dear brothers, whose liberation I have been praying for ever since I was a child. And I am striving for them. InshaAllah, the next 10-15 years will be years of liberation. InshaAllah, all captive Turks and captive Muslims will be freed. Let them prepare themselves very well. Let them increase their awe of Allah. Let them raise their cultural levels and their faith. Let them increase their love and fear of Allah. Let them prepare themselves as anti-Darwinists. Let them learn all the frauds and hoaxes of Darwinists. Let them visit my web sites and look at them. Let them intensify their love for one another. They must be on their guard against degeneration. They must strongly defend their national culture. And let them not get involved in anything else. InshaAllah, their liberation is close at hand.”

The Muslim Population in Britain Grows by 10 Times / Internet Haber / 31.01.2009

The Muslim population in Britain is growing 10 times faster than other sections of society.

According to Britain’s National Office of Statistics, the Muslim population in Britain has risen by more than 500,000 in 4 years, reaching 2.422 million by the end of 2008.

During the same period, the Christian population in the country fell by more than 2 million; 42.6 million Christians live in Britain.  

Experts say that the rapid rise in the Muslim population stems from migration, a high birth rate and conversions between 2004 and 2008. They also say that one section of the population that had been reluctant to describe itself as Muslim in the past now felt freer to do so with the strengthening of its identity following the war on terror declared by the West, and that this had also had an effect on the figures.

Leaders of the Muslim community have expressed their pleasure at the impact on the rising Muslim population on British society, the contribution it will make to integration and to the fact the government will increase the funding set aside for it.



Age: 300 million years

Period: Upper Carboniferous

Location: Crock Hey Open Cast Quarry, Wigan, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Living organisms that remained unchanged for hundreds of millions of years refute all Darwinist claims regarding the origins and development of life. Darwinists claim that living beings undergo constant genetic change that results in evolution. Fossils, on the other hand, reveal that living beings have never changed since the first moment they appeared. The meaning is clear: Living beings have not evolved, but were created by Almighty God.


The All-Provider

Truly, Allah is the Provider, the Possessor of Strength, the Sure. ( Surat adh-Dhariyat, 58)

Imagine that you open your eyes in a world without mountains or oceans; with black, very dry and barren land; without animals or food for human beings, except for grass; and with infertile soil and water located hundreds of kilometers away. In order to survive, you would eat only that bitter grass and walk hundreds of kilometers to drink water. And, after a life of hardship, you would die. Interestingly, you would never ask: “Why can't we grow juicy, delicious fruits, vegetables, and various other crops in this land?” because you would not even be aware that the land could yield such crops.

Allah, Who is very compassionate and merciful toward His servants, places people on fertile lands that yield countless blessings. Indeed, even without tilling them, lands yield green crops and clusters of flowers. Yellow, red, green, and orange fruits and vegetables come out of the soil, and the blue oceans abound with tasty fish. These aside, Allah places the meat of most animals and birds at our service, and gives them pure milk and honey. All of these are all blessings from Allah.

As Allah informs us in “Who is there who could provide for you if He withholds His provision? Yet still they obstinately persist in insolence and evasion” ( Surat al-Mulk, 21), if He wills, lands do not yield crops, rain does not fall, and soil turns barren. But since Allah is Most Gracious, Most Merciful, it is impossible to number His blessings. He commands in the Qur'an, as follows:

O mankind! Remember Allah's blessing to you. Is there any creator other than Allah providing for you from heaven and earth? There is no deity but Him. So how have you been deluded? (Surah Fatir, 3)

These blessings, which are granted in this world, have perfect counterparts in the Hereafter, as the Qur'an tells us:

No self knows the delight that is hidden away for it in recompense for what it used to do. ( Surat as-Sajda, 17)

The inhabitants of Hell, on the other hand, will have nothing to eat and drink but the tree of az-Zaqqum , boiling water, and bitter thorny bush for all eternity.

Say: “Who provides for you out of heaven and earth? Who controls hearing and sight? Who brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living? Who directs the whole affair?” They will say: “Allah.” Say: “So will you not guard against evil?” (Surah Yunus, 31)

So that Allah can reward them for the best of what they did and give them more from His unbounded favor. Allah provides for anyone He wills without reckoning. ( Surat an-Nur, 38)


What He Said

Bosna TV-June 3, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The circumstances are now ideal for the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. There are virtually no obstacles at present. It is as if someone calls out for a union it will be formed instantly. My friends gave out a newspaper advertisement the other day calling for Azerbaijan to unite with Turkey. Excellent, positive messages have come in from all over. The president of Azerbaijan wants this also. We are in contact with Palestine and they want it, an Islamic Union. Syria wants it, Iraq wants it, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria want it. There is nobody who does not. It merely needs to be given a name. But of course these times have an owner, a right timing, and Allah is delaying this for the formation of these conditions at the correct moment.

What Happened

Daily Vakit, August 15-2008

“We Want Peace and Stability in the Caucasus”



What a difference it would make to one’s life if one were allowed to witness with one’s own eyes the demons of Hell punishing their victims, the roaring of the flames, the mad yelling of the damned, their unbearable moaning and groaning, their writhing for breath and their frantic begging to be allowed to be returned to Earth. Without a doubt, one would become a new person, one would rearrange one’s entire life.

If it is the fact that we have not seen Hell that is preventing some people from fearing Allah as they should and being cautious in their daily lives, it should suffice that He has indicated the existence of Hell repeatedly in the Qur’an, describing it in all its details and warning people against it. When the time comes there will be no one who will not see Hell. Only those who fear Allah will be saved from it, the others will be left in it on their knees. (Surah Maryam: 71-72) However, there will be no benefit or advantage to be gained from seeing Hell at this point, because then, one is already beyond the point of no return...

Birds' Wings Cannot Be the Work of Chance

Evolutionists maintain that birds evolved from reptiles-though this is impossible, and a bird's wing alone is sufficient to prove this. In order for evolution of the kind claimed to have taken place, a reptile's forearms would have to have changed into functional wings as the result of mutations taking place in its genes-and quickly! And this is not feasible. First of all, this transitional life form would be unable to fly with only half-developed wings. It would also be deprived of its forearms. That would mean it was essentially deformed and therefore-according to the theory of evolution-would be eliminated.

In order for any bird to fly, its wings had to be fully formed in every detail. The wings should be soundly attached to the chest cavity. The bird would need to have a light skeletal structure allowing it to take off, maintain its balance in the air and move in all directions. Its wing and tail feathers would have to be light, flexible and in aerodynamic proportion to one another. In short, everything would have to operate with a flawless coordination in order to make flight possible. How could this inerrant structure in birds' bodies have resulted from a succession of random mutations? That question has no answer.

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