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The tongue of a chamelon is faster than a jet plane

Many interesting living creatures live in the forests of Madagascar .

It is quite difficult to distinguish a stick grasshopper from the branches. A mantis is getting ready to prey upon a stick grasshopper. At the same time,  the flawless master of camoflauge, one of the most fascinating  of the Creations of Allah, the  gecko is watching  them both by blending itself into the tree.

Although the gecko seems to catch the mantis easily, there is another hunter which is not even observed  : the chamelon.

The chamelon has a unique pair of legs and feet which enables it to very move silently. It is almost impossible to see the chamelon because of its ability to change the color of its skin in accordance to the environment.  The chamelon's eyes can move independently from each other in any direction. Thus, they can see their prey which is not directly in their line of sight.

This chamelon also possesses  a tongue that it can use as an arrow by flinging the tongue rapidly from its mouth. The chamelons tongue can move five times faster than the speed of a jet plane.  Via its tongue, the chamelon hits its prey and the tongue sticks to its prey  by forming a powerful vacuum effect.

The thing that accelerates the chamelon tongue is at least 10 slippery rings of muscles  between the tongue and hyoid bone. Those muscle rings slip from their normal place  and they closely press together and they push the tongue forward.  By means of this mechanism the tongue pops out with a velocity of 1,5 meters  per second. At the time of the jactus, the hairs of the tongue dissociate from each other and the tongue reaches to its maximum lenght.  During  firing; the tongue stretches up to 6 times from its  standby position; and  it also stretches up to one and a half times the body length of the cameleon .  After  firing  the system quickly regroups and reverts back to normal.

It is obvious that the form of these muscle rings cannot be explained by the theory of evolution in any way.  Dr. Brad Harrub, a scientist who supports Creation, asks those questions  which forms great dilemas to the evolutionists in his article:

1) How come each of the muscle rings evolved in the right position?

2) How has the tongue enlarged to that lenght?

 3)How did the accelerating muscles emerge?

 4) How can the muscle rings coordinate their movements in such a way as to allow the tongue to reach  its  maximum lenght?

5) How did the muscle rings develop the ability of ‘ dissociating from each other like the tubes of a telescope’?

6) How could the chamelon learn and carry out re-collecting all of the necessary muscular movements   after flinging the tongue?

7) If the ability to fire the tongue is a gain  as an evolutionary benefit, why hasn't that benefit   yet evolved  in other animals, and why haven't other  animals haven’t employed  a similar hunting method ?

chamelon, tounge8) How has the chamelon (or its so-called evolutionary predecessor) survived while all of those complex systems are supposed to evolve little by little?

Undoubtedly;  He is The Almighty Allah, He is the One Who Creates the chamelon by all its features, and He is Omniscient, Mighty and Exalted in Power. Allah informs us in a verse from the Qur’an Verse thusly:

“And verily in cattle (too) will you find an instructive sign.From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.”

(Surat an-Nahl, 66)

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