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The devotion of the poison arrow frog


frogLiving beings show great compassion to their babies which are wholly defenseless and unaware of the dangers around them. One of these living beings live in the rainforests of the Amazon River basin. It is the poison arrow frog.

The mother frog leaves the babies that she gave birth to in a puddle. However, this puddle is both insuffcient and unsafe for the eggs that will grow up.The mother frog should move her tadpoles to a more convenient place as soon as possible. The journey starts with the tadpole to be moved on its mothers back. But, where will they go? A lakeshore or a riverbank are not suitable places. The place where the mother will bring the tadpoles is quite surprising; the place that they will go is a place in the top of the forests.

The upward journey of the poisonous arrow frog is equal to a person’s climbing   the Empire State Building, which is one of the tallest buildings of the world, while carrying a baby on our back.

When the poison arrow frog reaches a plant called the bromelyad which also lives in the highest places of the forest, the posinon arrow frog leaves her tadpoles into a tiny pool there. The tadpoles will be safer here. However, the mother frog has to carry out this difficult journey for the rest of the radpoles too. In the end,  6 of the tadpoles were moved to the top of the tree and they are saved.

But there is another problem for the mother frog;

There is no food in the pool for the tadpoles. In order to provide food, the mother frog leaves a clutch of unfertilized eggs in  the pool, for the nutrition of the tradpoles.

Yet, just one egg is not enough for the growth of the tadpoles. That’s why the mother frog frequently visits her tradpoles and leaves more eggs for their sustenance.

In order to take care of her tadpoles, the mother frog climbs  the tree many times,  nearly 800 meters  every single day, over the course of two weeks.

To protect her tadpoles, the mother frog risks all kinds of dangers and difficulties, and sometimes sacrifices her life to protect her tadpoles as well. As it is seen,  living beings are not in a system where only the strongest  survive and the weaks are swept away as the Darwinists claim but rather they are Created with the behaviors of compassion, mercy and devotion; this sweeps away the theory of evolution and proves the fact of Creation, for only our Lord, Almighty Allah, could endow a humble frog with these behaviors and inspire it to such great endeavors.

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