Harun Yahya

The maternal compassion and the example of the self-sacrifice in the octopus


In the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, the giant octopus – their length exceeds four metres- live. The octopus searches for a shelter in order to be safe and when they find the shelter they live there until the end of their lives.

This shelter is a place where the octopus will give birth to the baby octopi safely. As soon as the mother octopus settles down, it starts to lay eggs. After giving birth to about 100,000 baby octopi , it won’t breed again.

The mother octopus takes care of its  babies with  great self-devotion during six months. In order to keep the babies alive the nest should be moist. To do this, the octopus checks the eggs frequently. To cater to the oxygen of the eggs, the octopus splashes water continuously on the eggs.

The mother octopus is so busy  taking care of the eggs that it doesn’t spend time on eating anything. Although it  could easily  die from  starvation, it endeavors without stopping to take care of its eggs until they hatch safely and easily until it breaths its last.

In the end, young and fully-formed babies hatch from the eggs...

However, the mother octopus which is a caretaker, compassionate and merciful is dead.

Of course, He is Allah Who creates the octopus with compassion, mercy and devotion, and He has the infinite mercy and compassion, as He is the Creator and maintainer of all living things.  Allah is most Benefcent, the most Merciful.

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