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Canada, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Denyse O'leary, March 2nd, 2009

DENYSE O'LEARY: How did Dr. Oktar become interested in the evolution controversies? The conventional wisdom fronted by many media sources in North America is that doubts about Darwin are a product of American evangelical Christianity in the deep rural South, and can only be understood with reference to that culture. Unless there is something I am missing, Dr. Oktar’s doubts could not have stemmed from that culture. From what, then, did they stem?
ADNAN OKTAR: I realized while I was still in high school that there was something odd about World War I, World War II and revolutions. Because people do not suddenly wake up one day and decide to start slaughtering their neighbors or ruining and devastating a country. I did some investigation and saw that the Darwinist materialist mindset lies behind all wars, revolutions and anarchy. I was terribly distressed by the way people were suffering so much, by the oppression and injustice they were being subjected to, and decided to wage an intellectual campaign against Darwinism to the utmost of my powers. Darwin teaches people that they are supposed animals, that all life is the work of chance and they have no responsibility to anyone. There can obviously be no peace and order in a society made of people who regard themselves and others as so-called animals, who believe that the strong must survive and who consider ruthlessness a virtue. In other words, there is no need to have any particular cultural roots in order to see what a scourge Darwinism is. In addition, this, the idea that Darwinism is only criticized by a few evangelicals, is itself Darwinist propaganda. Darwinists try to give the impression that nobody apart from a handful of individuals is opposed to Darwinism. But the fact is that the entire world sees that Darwinism makes irrational claims and that those claims have nothing to do with science. But Darwinists have established a dictatorial regime. The great majority of people are afraid to raise their voices under pressure from that dictatorial regime. If school students fail to provide answers in favor of evolution in their exams, they have to repeat the year again. Academics, teachers or scientists lose their jobs if they so much as hint that they harbor doubts about evolution. There is generally almost no chance of a politician who is critical of Darwinism coming to power. That is why there are so few people who have the courage to openly say that Darwinism is a lie. Of course, by Allah’s leave, major changes have been taking place in the wake of my book Atlas of Creation. You will have seen, if you follow the European press, how students listen with smiles on their faces to teachers who tell them about evolution and how even if they provide the kind of answers their teachers want, they also attach a note on the back page saying they do not in fact subscribe to evolution. People openly say they do not believe in evolution in opinion polls, and that will continue growing in the future. Darwinism has totally collapsed in the present century, and Darwinists’ throes of death will benefit them nothing at all.
DENYSE O'LEARY: Many claim that if people do not embrace Darwin and his followers’ theories, they cannot have an advanced technological culture. Others point out that the United States, arguably the world’s leader in science, features a population of which the majority doubts Darwin. Would Dr. Oktar care to comment on that?
ADNAN OKTAR: This is totally classic Darwinist propaganda. Darwinists often resort to the idea that anyone who thinks scientifically has to be a Darwinist. For one thing, Darwinism is a pagan religion whose roots go back to the Sumerians and Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians also believed that life emerged spontaneously from the muddy waters of the Nile. The theory of evolution is a superstitious belief that has been around ever since and that is not supported by a shred of scientific evidence. On the contrary, no matter what branch research or investigation may be conducted in, it has every time been proven that evolution is not possible. It is in fact Darwinists themselves who fly in the face of science, reject the facts revealed by science and who blacken the name of science by frauds of one kind and another. If they really think rationally and scientifically, let them offer a scientific explanation of how the first cell came into being. Chance has no place in science, yet if you ask them, they will answer in terms of chance. We ask how the first protein formed, and they say by chance. We ask how the eye or wing formed, and again they say by chance. In other words, all we are looking at is a string of fantastical tales. Yet we have come up with 100 million fossils, fossils belonging to fully formed and perfect life forms that all show evolution never happened, and they have no rational answer to give. A profound silence reigns whenever the subject of fossils is raised. And everyone can see that. That is why Darwinists are desperately striving to keep Darwinism propped up with slogans and propaganda.
DENYSE O'LEARY: How does Dr. Oktar see the intelligent design controversy playing out in Turkish culture today?
ADNAN OKTAR: The number of people in Turkey who believe in Darwinism has fallen almost to nothing over the last 30 years. Turkey is the country with the lowest level of belief in Darwinism in the world, because the Turkish people are highly intelligent and foresighted. There has been a huge intellectual struggle going on in Turkey for the last 30 years, millions of works have become accessible to everyone, more than 2000 conferences have been held and, most important of all, people have seen fossils at exhibitions with their own eyes. They have personally witnessed how there is no difference between life forms dating back 100 or 200 million years and life forms of today. There is no need to say anything more. If a life form has remained unchanged for tens of millions of years, if it possesses the same characteristics today as it did 200 million years ago, then it is impossible to speak of evolution. That is why people in Turkey are fully aware. Nobody can easily deceive the Turkish public with Darwinist lies any more.
DENYSE O'LEARY: By the way, why did Dr. Oktar write for some years under the name Harun Yahya? Is there a special significance to that name?
ADNAN OKTAR: The Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) asked Allah for a helper. And Allah gave him his brother Aaron (pbuh) as an assistant. John (pbuh) is the helpmate who so loved and supported the Prophet Jesus (as). John is the light of Allah. He supported the Prophet Jesus (as) with all his might and told everyone of him. Since it is also my intention to serve the faith of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) I have taken these names in order to emphasize my role as helper of the faith.

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