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Saudi Arabia, Arab news, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by P.K. Abdul Ghafour, 10 January 2009

1) Is the Turkish Islamic Union practical/capable of application?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, this is a union of hearts, a union of love, a political, military and cultural union in which all states maintain their own structures but share a common ideal and a common future. There is no reason why the Turkish-Islamic world should not be united, no obstacle to it. The whole Turkish-Islamic world is very keen for the Turkish-Islamic Union to be formed. I see this clearly at meetings. In addition, since the union is one that will benefit not just the Turkish and Islamic world, but also Russia, the USA, the European Union, China, Israel and, in short, all countries and communities, everyone will want it. There is a European Union, so why not a Turkish-Islamic Union? The people of Europe are uniting and acting jointly, despite speaking different languages and having different cultures. It is much easier for the Turkish-Islamic world to unite. We share the same language, faith, traditions and culture. Nothing could be more natural than for us to unite. What is odd and difficult is for us to be fragmented, when it would be so easy and so necessary for us to be one.
2) Who is trying to set this Turkish Islamic Union up?
ADNAN OKTAR: Looking at recent developments we see the whole Turkish-Islamic world wants to be united. The Turkish government is taking major steps in that direction. We see the Azeris want it when we meet with them. The Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians are literally crying out for amalgamation. If Azerbaijan or Syria were given an official proposal today, they would accept immediately, not a day later.
3) Is there any progress on the subject?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, there is very excellent progress. The initiatives being taken for the formation of the Caucasian Union, railroad projects, oil/gas pipeline projects, the coming together of the Turkish Parliament, the formation of a climate of friendship between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, calls for the borders with neighboring countries, and Syria in particular, to be lifted, Turkey adopting a more active role in foreign policy and all neighboring states happily accepting Turkish leadership, and the way that the importance of unity has begun being stressed by many scholars and intellectuals in many newspapers and magazines in the Islamic world are just a few of these welcome developments.
4) Is the Turkish government interested/involved in the issue?
ADNAN OKTAR: Turkey has been doing excellent work of late, masha’Allah. Turkey’s was the first hand extended when Gaza was invaded. Our prime minister immediately visited the countries concerned and called on the Islamic world to unite. Everyone agrees that Turkey played an active role in the establishment of the ceasefire. Turkey was the first to rush to help when conflict broke out in Georgia, the Caucasian Union project immediately became involved. It was Turkey that sat Syria and Israel down together. It was Turkey that brought Afghanistan and Pakistan together in Istanbul and got their two leaders to shake hands. Some preliminary discussions between the USA and Iran were held in Ankara through Turkish mediation. These are all preliminary steps for peace in the region, peace in Islamic lands, the strengthening of Muslims and the formation of a strong Turkish-Islamic Union.
5) Which countries will unite under the union?
ADNAN OKTAR: All Turkic and Islamic countries, from Morocco to Indonesia, will come together in the Turkish-Islamic Union. In addition, the Turkish-Islamic Union will also warmly embrace countries with different beliefs and structures, such as Israel, Armenia, Russia, Georgia and Bulgaria. China, the USA and Europe will be better off with the formation of this union. All the problems between Israel and Palestine will end with the Turkish-Islamic Union. Russia has great problems, but the Turkish-Islamic Union will eliminate all these difficulties. Armenia has great troubles and faces poverty and economic difficulties. The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring Armenia out into the light. The Turkish-Islamic Union will ensure security for Georgia. In short, this union will be a salvation for the whole world, not just the region.
6) Will Saudi Arabia have any role to play?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, my Saudi brothers are the heroes of the Islamic world. They are blessed people who protect the blessed lands. They, too, of course want the Turkish-Islamic world to be one, and they are taking excellent initiatives in that respect, particularly King Abdullah. Insha’Allah, my Saudi brothers will support the formation of the Turkish-Islamic Union and will be the defenders and protectors of brotherhood, love and faith within it.
7) Will all other Muslim countries accept Turkish leadership of the union?
ADNAN OKTAR: No Muslim country will object to Turkish leadership. Muslim countries are themselves proposing Turkish leadership. Turkey always follows a trustworthy and honest policy. That is why Muslim countries always seek Turkish mediation when problems arise, trust Turkey’s word and have confidence in Turkish troops. Go and see how popular Turkish troops are in Afghanistan. They went to Bosnia and were welcomed in the same way. Palestine, for example, also wants Turkish troops. Espousing Turkish leadership of the union, saying that the Turkish Nation will be its leader, is not meant to suggest any racial superiority. The superiority here is a moral, not a racial, one, based on historical experience. Turkey wishes to assume this responsibility as a legacy from the past. The historical and sociological facts make Turkey the natural leader. Leadership brings with it suffering. In putting itself forward for leadership, Turkey is actually putting itself forward for suffering, difficulties and service.
8) Do you run an Islamic television station?
ADNAN OKTAR: No, but there are many documentary films based on my works. These are regularly broadcast on many local stations in Turkey. These documentaries have also been translated into many foreign languages. They are still broadcast by more than 100 stations in some 20 different countries.
9) What are the other activities of your group besides those you referred to in the interview?
ADNAN OKTAR: With its cultural activities opposed to Darwinism and materialism, the Science Research Foundation (BAV) is one of the most active non-governmental organizations in Turkey. The effect of these activities elicits responses from all over the world. The BAV has held more than 2000 conferences demonstrating the collapse of the theory of evolution and has signed its name to tens of conferences concerning Turkish foreign policy and that have been attended by senior state officials.
10) Why a "Turkish"-Islamic Union?
ADNAN OKTAR: Almost all the Turkic states are Muslim. It is essential for the Turkish-Islamic world to be and act as one. Turkey will build a great power by uniting the Turkic world and the Muslim world. Turkic and Muslim countries must come together under a single roof, not as separate groups. That must be the Turkish-Islamic Union. This will be the most perfect, splendid, powerful, credible, well-rooted and just union, and one that everyone can accept and that will include everyone.
11) What will be the aims of the Turkish Islamic Union?
ADNAN OKTAR: Above all else, this union will bring an enormous strength to the Turkish-Islamic world. It will resolve all problems between Muslim countries and bring peace to the Islamic world. It will also oppose all movements wishing to incite war and conflict in the world as a whole and act as an obstacle to all moves intended to incite war. The question of terror will come to an end, access to raw materials will be guaranteed, the economic and social order will be protected and cultural conflict will be completely eradicated. Under the leadership of the Turkish-Islamic Union will emerge Muslim societies in which people respect one another’s views, in which justice, equality and freedoms prevail, and in which all oppression and injustice are eliminated. The Islamic world will not only bring peace and security to Muslims, but will also play a leading role in global culture and civilization. Unity among Muslim countries in the economic, political and cultural arenas will allow the less developed to progress more quickly and those who already possess the necessary resources and infrastructure to be able to use them in the most efficient manner. Economic growth will increase investment in science and technology. With economic development, levels of education will rise and society will advance in many areas. Thanks to the Islamic common market that will be set up, goods produced in one country will easily be able to be sold in another, without encountering such national obstacles as customs tariffs or quotas. The field of commerce will expand, all Muslim countries will enjoy an enhanced market share, and exports will grow. This will lead to acceleration in the industrialization process in Muslim countries. The economic growth will also bring about development of technology. In a Turkish-Islamic world in which peace and security are established and economic troubles are eradicated, larger budgets will be diverted to education, science and culture, and there will be enormous cultural development. Friendship and brotherhood will prepare the ground for people to devote more time to thinking and inquiry, and to enjoy greater freedom of ideas and be more forward-looking as they do so. Climates in which conflict, poverty and troubles have been eliminated are environments in which new ideas can be developed, new products manufactured, useful discoveries made and constant progress enjoyed. This environment will be made possible by the Muslim world setting up the Turkish-Islamic Union.
12) Why has the Organization of the Islamic Conference failed to unite Muslims? And what will make the Turkish-Islamic Union different?
ADNAN OKTAR: This is a question of love, something requiring joy, enthusiasm and determination. Of course the Organization of the Islamic Conference is an important and necessary institution, but what I am talking about cannot be established through formalities. Being able to put a stop to conflict when it arises, to hasten to help a country in need or to mobilize a solution to an economic crisis are things requiring fervor, love and determination. It is very difficult to obtain any results from official meetings using insincere “officialese.”
13) How can this union bring peace to the Middle East, and especially to Palestine?
ADNAN OKTAR: Allah issues a command to Muslims in the Qur’an; He says we must stand together in ranks like well-built walls. Unity is a religious obligation, whereas separation and fragmentation are forbidden. The Qur’an shows us the solution. Allah has shown us. But some Muslims ignore this solution. These scourges will persist for so long as they continue to ignore that solution. Blood will flow through the Islamic world and there will be terrible corruption. Muslims will suffer all kinds of troubles and afflictions. The only solution to this is the Turkish-Islamic Union. It ill-becomes Muslims to weep or lament in the face of difficulties. Our attitude must be to eradicate this strife immediately by founding the Turkish-Islamic Union. Muslims cannot be strong unless they are united. If you sever someone’s right arm, cut off the fingers on the left, blind an eye, deafen an ear and cut off a foot, then that person is open to attack from someone else. But if his arms are strong, if both his eyes can see, if he is a whole in other words, then you cannot overcome him. This fragmentation must be put right. We are one single body. Look how an alliance of 20-25 million Masons made the world captive because they are not fragmented. If Muslims join forces as one, and there are more than a billion Muslims in the world, even their breath can easily put an end to all this corruption.
14) Will this union be able to overcome sectarian differences?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. By Allah’s leave, a Turkish-Islamic Union will emerge, Hazrat Mahdi will appear and Muslims from all schools will join forces around him. All sectarian differences and conflict will come to an end. That is something I regard as terribly wrong. As you know, I believe in Sunni teaching. But I also think that my Shiite, Jafari and Wahabbist brothers are full of piety and perfection. We are all brothers, very dear to one another. We all love Allah, we are all devoted to our Prophet (saas), we all abide by the Qur’an and follow in the path of the Prophet (saas). So why this separation? Muslims should love one another. They should respect and protect one another. They should feel affection for one another. Greed, hatred and anger are unfitting for Muslims. Of course there will be matters we do not agree on, but these differences are a source of wealth, rather than conflict.
15) In terms of the recent wars, increasing conflict, the economic crisis... what is your view of the future of the Islamic world?
ADNAN OKTAR: These are signs of brightness, that the Sun will soon come up. We are in the End Times. These are events prior to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi. This corruption, this strife, will continue until Hazrat Mahdi appears, let me say that. This is set out in the hadiths. There are many hadiths regarding the shedding of much Arab blood, of much blood being spilled in the region. There are even hadiths referring to Palestine directly by name. The Prophet (saas) has said that blood will be shed in Palestine, that there will be a climate of total disorder, strife and suffering in the region, that it will be so harsh and oppressive that even the living will wish they were dead. There are many hadiths about this. But after that, he says, “when the Mahdi, one of my children, appears, in contrast to all this, there will be an age of well-being, plenty, peace, abundance, kindness and beauty.” All these things are therefore heralds of the delights awaiting the Islamic world as well as the entire world. With the coming of Hazrat Mahdi, justice will prevail all over the world, injustice and oppression will come to an end, and there will be abundance and plenty everywhere.

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