Harun Yahya

Darwinists are still trying to depict defunct Darwinism as scientific

Darwinists have recently been speaking about the theory of evolution being oversimplified, in a deliberately provocative way, and being described as “the facile nonsense that we were once apes and are now human.”
It will first be of great use to tell these people the following: Darwin’s theory of evolution is a false one, developed in the outdated and very ignorant scientific climate in Darwin’s time, that rests on no scientific evidence whatsoever, and that was launched in order to resurrect the pagan Sumerian and Egyptian faiths of the past. As science subsequently advanced, and as the complexity of the cell in particular emerged in the branches of genetics and microbiology, and as new fossils were discovered in paleontology, and as it was realized that not a single such fossil represented a transitional form, the theory of evolution was dealt a body blow and subsequently collapsed.

        BUT DESPITE ALL THESE THINGS, a false theory has become enshrined in national laws under the influence, pressure and imposition of the DARWINIST DICTATORSHIP, has entered school text books and become as issue whose validity is “indisputable.” University teachers have been threatened for opposing evolution, opponents of the theory have been expelled from their schools and lost their jobs, and students have failed their exams for questioning evolution. This extraordinarily illogical theory, which offers such a facile explanation for such an extraordinary and complex entity as man and that accounts for all the glorious diversity of life on earth solely in terms of “chance,” now dominates the entire world through this intense imposition.
But events have turned out exactly opposite to what Darwinists intended. This theory, so facile that even children would laugh at it, was imposed on the world as if it were the scientific truth. World-famous professors have become adherents of this ludicrous theory, and the world’s best known publications have carried reports of overtly fraudulent evidence of Darwinism for days on end. People at the highest level of the state have become unable even to mention the evolution deceit. The public have been taken in by this deception for a century and a half, the Pope has been forced to hold conferences on evolution on his very doorstep and as a result of unbelievable pressure, churches have had to issue apologies to Darwin.
A nonsensical, facile and very run-of-the-mill deception was thus turned into a false scientific taboo under the pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship. A lie was imposed on people for long years. For a century and a half, people were obliged to believe that lie. Because Darwinism is a heretical religion, one which efforts are being made to impose on the whole world under the influence of a community largely made up of freemasons. There is nothing scientific about it at all.
It is therefore impossible to accept Darwinists’ claims about “dumbing down.” On the contrary, what we are looking at is a fraud being disguised as science and turned into a mass deception.

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