Harun Yahya

The deceit that photosynthetic bacteria emerged with 'a small evolution' and produced oxygen

Celal Sengor claimed that bacteria making photosynthesis emerged “with a small evolution” and began manufacturing oxygen. This is a terrible deception: 

According to this claim, bacteria must have suddenly come into possession of chloroplast and suddenly have become capable of photosynthesis. It is impossible for such a complex molecule as chloroplast to form by chance through “a small evolution.” What is more, photosynthesis is an incredibly complex process, that human beings are unable to replicate even under laboratory conditions, and the details of which have not yet been fully understood.

The Turkish evolutionist Ali Demirsoy comments:

"Photosynthesis is a very complicated process, and it seems impossible for it to emerge in an organelle inside the cell.  Because it is impossible for al its stages to arise at once, and meaningless for them to do so one by one!" 1

The Darwinist George P. Stravropoulos makes this admission on the subject:

“Photosynthesis and all life processes, and even life itself, cannot yet be understood in terms of thermodynamics or any other exact science.” 2

1 Prof. Ali Demirsoy, Inheritance and Evolution, Ankara, Meteksan Publications, 1984, p. 8
2 George P. Stravropoulos, "The Frontiers and Limits of Science", American Scientist, Vol. 65, November-December 1977, p. 674

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