Harun Yahya

The invalidity of the claim that bacterial resistance to antibiotics is evidence of evolution

Darwinists generally attempt to use the antibiotic resistance of bacteria as a so-called evidence of evolution. The fact is, however, that this attribute contributes no evolution to these life forms, but actually demolishes the theory of evolution as proof of Creation.  The genes in bacteria that are resistant to certain antibiotics have existed long before those antibiotics were ever manufactured. This fact is expressed as follows in Scientific American:

Many bacteria possessed resistance genes even before commercial antibiotics came into use. Scientists do not know exactly why these genes evolved and were maintained.1

The journal Medical Tribune announced that following research in 1986 it was established that bacteria widespread in the 19th century already carried resistance to antibiotics produced in the 20th century.  Although it is a known scientific fact that such resistant characteristics existed in many types of bacteria before the discovery of penicillin, the attribute of resistance in bacteria is still portrayed as an evolutionary development, but this is a claim made solely for deceptive purposes. The extraordinary way that bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics that have yet to be developed is important evidence of the perfection in their creation.

Some of the proofs that the antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not evolution are as follows:

•         There are countless varieties within an individual species of bacteria. Some of these possess the genetic information that bestows resistance to certain drugs. When bacteria are exposed to the effect of a particular drug those lacking resistance to it die, while resistant bacteria survive and are more able to multiply.

•         After a given period of time, the non-resistant bacteria are completely replaced by these rapidly multiplying resistant bacteria. Soon after, that same species of bacteria becomes a colony consisting uniquely of individuals that are resistant to the antibiotic in question, and that antibiotic is now useless against that species of bacteria.

•         But the bacteria are still the same bacteria, the species is still the same species. No evolution has taken place. Bacteria have existed on Earth for 3.5 billion years and are still here as the exact same bacteria. The claim in question is one of Darwinists’ main deceptive techniques. 

1 Stuart B. Levy, "The Challange of Antibiotic Resistance", Scientific American, March 1998, p. 35

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