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Douglas Futuyma flees in Rome

In Pontifical Gregorian University, Darwinists intended to show off and deceive people, but they were riposted. Douglas Futuyma left the platform in the face of truth. Futuyma found the solution in fleeing, just like Richard Dawkins.

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Oktar Babuna: My name is Oktar Babuna. I am a doctor from Turkey, a brain surgeon. I represent Harun Yahya in Turkey who is the author of 300 books including Atlas of Creation.

Now, if we talk about scientific theories. You know this is the way it works. First, you spill the principles of a hypothesis and if it is verified by observations and experiments then it becomes a theory.
So, speakers made some allegations but they were not verified by scientific evidences. For example,

If evolution is a fact, you know Darwin suggested that there should be successive minor changes between species. We have to see transitional forms.

You know, transitional forms. We have to see. Can you show us transitional forms?

Monstrous animals with no wings for example, single wing, little bit wing that shows incomplete organs.

Francisco Ayala: You are... out of order. Your question will not be answered.

Oktar Babuna: Tiktaalik rosaea and archaeopteryx are not transitional forms, they are complete animals. Extinct animals.

Francisco Ayala: Is there any way to put his microphone is off?... You are breaking the rules...

Oktar Babuna: This is a scientific discussion.

Francisco Ayala: You are not a speaker.

Oktar Babuna: I am not a speaker. I am asking questions to them to show transitional fossils. The Cambrian Explosion ….


Oktar Babuna: It is a scientific discussion …


Oktar Babuna: Darwinism is an ideology .

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