Harun Yahya

Is the Darwinist global mafia threatening the pope?

The world is under the dominion of a global Darwinist-materialist intellectual dictatorship. The invalidity of the theory of evolution, which enjoys official protection in around 95% of the countries of the world, has been scientifically proven, and despite its being a false theory that violates reason and logic, it is still imposed as an official ideology. It has been made compulsory to answer questions about the theory of evolution in middle and high school and university exams as if this false theory were true and correct. No academics or scientists who even hint that they do not believe in Darwinism are allowed to continue with their work or progress in their careers, and it is ensured that the majority are removed from their posts. 

This is the first time in the history of the world that such an ideology has enjoyed protection and has been imposed in almost all countries. This system, which manifests itself as a social dictatorship, has established a hugely repressive regime. One of the recent events in which that pressure has been seen are statements claimed to have been made by the Pope about the theory of evolution and reflected in the press. If true, these statements are exceedingly important in terms of showing the scale of the pressure now applied by Darwinists in the form of a global mafia.

This global Darwinist mafia that

•    Forbids academics to say a single word against evolution,

•    Forbids scientists to announce the results of their research that invalidate evolution,

•    Engages in constant Darwinist propaganda with a stream of false reports in the media,

•    Forces students in schools to study and accept the theory of evolution,

•    Bans books opposed to evolution and

•    Seeks to wear down those engaged in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism through slanders and lies, now seems to have put pressure on the Vatican, the spiritual home of more than 1 billion Christians. 

The way the Pope has been prevented, under the effect of the Darwinist mafia that seems to have pervaded the Vatican, from defending the true facts and genuinely speaking the truth is a terrible development that shows how the Vatican has been made a tool. The fact is that the Vatican is well aware that the great ideological struggle against Darwinism over the last 30 years has unmasked all that ideology’s frauds and inflicted the worst defeat in history on it. European materialists and Darwinists are acting out of the shock of that terrible defeat and imagine they can resurrect Darwinism by making the Vatican issue statements in favor of it. But Darwinism is dead, and no measure can ever bring the dead back to life.

The fact that it has been definitively and distinctly realized that not even a single protein can come into being by chance and that all the fossils portrayed as transitional forms have either been hoaxes or else belong to extinct species, and when 100 million fossils that have been unearthed all show that evolution never happened, means that the global Darwinist mafia has come to the end of the road. What Darwinists and materialists should now do is to carry the funeral of Darwinism and apologize to the people of the world for the dictatorship it has enforced over the last 150 years.

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