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Darwinists' greatest embarrassment on the agenda: Pointless efforts to keep the myth of whale evolution alive

On 4 February, 2009, New Scientist magazine carried an article titled “Primitive Whales Gave Birth on Land.” As a result of speculation about a 47-million-year-old whale fossil found in Pakistan, the fossil in question is claimed to represent the fictitious ancestor of whales and it is suggested that this confirms the Darwinist idea of the forebears of whales being terrestrial animals. The report was quickly covered by such Turkish news sites as CNNTurk.com, Milliyet and Sabah, and presented to readers with demagogic statements though with no accompanying scientific evidence.

In the article in question, a female whale fossil and fetus discovered with it were used as vehicles for hasty speculation material by Darwinists, who sought to portray the fact the fossil was found on land as evidence for the “whales ancestors dwelled on dry land” deceit. It was also suggested that the head of the fetus had emerged from the whale, which died in giving birth, and this was also submitted as evidence for the same claim.

But like all Darwinist speculation about whales, this is also based on a huge deception.

The fossil in question was discovered in Pakistan. This region is frequently subjected to flooding under the effect of the monsoon rains. There is a very strong likelihood that the fossil was transported to the region either by land changes or during flooding. It is a well known fact that marine animal fossils dating back millions of years can be found deeply buried in present-day dry land regions. When it comes to whales, this state of affairs, the subject of Darwinist speculation to date, has been used in an attempt to match it to the entirely false theory of a “transition from dry land to water,” since this will suit their theories.

Looking at the fossil, it appears that the details portrayed as evidence of the fictitious evolution of whales in fact contribute nothing to the theory of evolution. By suggesting that variations belonging to different whale species took place within the species, Darwinists claim that this animal is the forerunner of whales. The fact is, however, that in order to make such a claim Darwinists must first point to transitional form features in the fossil. They have to be able to reveal the presence of an organ in the course of development, or atrophying, or transforming from one state to another. According to the erroneous theory of evolution, millions of effects of illusory random mutations should be visible in the animal, and there should be a concrete existence of strange limbs in the course of making the imaginary transition from dry land to the sea. Instead of that, however, Darwinists seek to depict the presence of a fetus with its head emerged as evidence. But just like human beings and other living things, whales may also give birth to their young head first. Indeed, the death of the mother may be due to just that.

An embarrassment left over from Darwin’s day

The tale of whale evolution has been one of the most humiliating subjects for Darwinists ever since Darwin. Darwinists have suffered that embarrassment ever since the claim that “whales evolved from bears fishing along the coast.” Yet for some reason they are by no means reluctant to come up with the same illogicality. All these claims, which contain serious logical flaws that even a child would find ridiculous, clearly reveals that Darwinist claims are based on lies and deceive people. You can access responses to such claims HERE.

The difficulty into which Darwinists have fallen is the addition of another living fossil to all the millions of others they are also unable to account for. Since they are unable to point to any fossils with transitional features, they engage in speculation on every newly discovered fossil. But the true facts are all out in the open. One hundred million fossils extracted from underground have demolished Darwinism. Nothing can now save Darwinists. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL EXISTS!

Nobody gives credit to “transitional form discovered” lies any more. Darwinists cannot even deceive primary school children. People in Turkey and across the world have now become aware. This is clearly revealed by the fact that 95% of people in Turkey and even 75% in Britain, Darwin’s own country, do not believe in evolution.1  On the 200th anniversary of his birth, Charles Darwin and his theory have been rejected by the whole world.


1 http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/feb/01/evolution-darwin-survey-creationism

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