Harun Yahya

There is no creation through evolution either in Paradise or in Hell


Almighty God has revealed that following people's deaths He will recreate them, in a different form and in a manner appropriate to their lives in the Hereafter. In the same way that He created human beings without evolution in this world, they will be resurrected in a single moment for their lives in the Hereafter, by His commanding them to "Be!" In the same way, as with human beings, our Almighty Lord has not created all the entities in Paradise and Hell through evolution, either. The guardians and demons of Hell and the handmaidens in Paradise revealed in verses are all brought into existence by our Almighty Lord without natural causes. Some of the verses of the Qur'an that refer to the resurrection of human beings after death and to people in the Hereafter read as follows:

Mankind! if you are in any doubt about the Rising, know that We created you from dust then from a drop of sperm then from a clot of blood then from a lump of flesh, formed yet unformed, so We may make things clear to you. We make whatever We want stay in the womb until a specified time and then We bring you out as children so that you can reach your full maturity. Some of you die and some of you revert to the lowest form of life so that, after having knowledge, they then know nothing at all. And you see the earth dead and barren; then when We send down water onto it it quivers and swells and sprouts with luxuriant plants of every kind.That is because Allah is the Real and gives life to the dead and has power over all thingsand the Hour is coming without any doubt and Allah will raise up all those in the graves.(SuratAl-Hajj, 5-7)

We have brought maidens into being. (Surat al-Waqi'a, 35)

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