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Syria is a part of the Shanghai Bloc, the people of Syria resist Communism


Communism does not only prevail in the former communist countries. It is also a dominant regime in countries that possess Islamic titles, and even those ones having the name of Islamic Republic. When we look at the conflicts that have arisen in some Middle Eastern and North African countries under the name of the Arab Spring, this situation can be easily discerned.

As is known in countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Palestine and Iraq, the ideology of “Arab socialism” is very dominant. In these countries, the communist understanding brought by the Marxist mindset has reigned for many years. The fact is, the -communist mindset has never lost its influence despite that these countries have remained in existnece  with different appearances and under different names. States were, and still are, secretly administered in compliance with such regime. These countries are the representatives of the communist bloc led by Russia and China. In response to it, there exists the capitalist, liberal bloc led by America. For instance in Iran, one of the main representatives of the communist bloc, although there seems to be an Islamic administration, a Marxist-communist mindset prevails beneath. As one would remember, the Iranian Islamic Republic came into being by a revolution. This revolution was accomplished with the cooperation of the Tudeh, the Communist Party of Iran. The purpose was to create a communist understanding. It is also possible to understand this from this act. “Revolution” is a communist concept and the word “revolution” and Islam are incompatible concepts. Consequently, the name of the  Islamic Republic of Iran is indeed deceiving. The administration in Iran is not really an Islamic one; it is essentially a communist regime masking itself as a theocratic state.

Once the communist regime reigns, people’s speaking about Islam, their Islamic identities or its being referred as the Islamic Republic does not change anything for communists. They already implement the tenets of Darwinism, materialism and communist ideologies in these countries without facing any problems. Consequently they proceed on their way.

The Shanghai bloc which is representative of the communist bloc has embraced s many countries in the Middle East. A glance into the general policies of these countries is sufficient to grasp this fact. For instance Iran, Syria, Egypt and other countries have always been in cooperation with the communist countries of the world. Darwinism holds sway over their state administrations. In schools, Darwinism is imposed toon pupils. People are raised in a way to make them embrace the communist viewpoint. Rather than the merciful, warm, peaceful and friendly style we have been  used to from the Ottoman times, a sort of aggressive, merciless and loveless communist style prone to  shedding blood is prevalent. (The ones we have been criticizing here are those who have adopted the bloody policy of communism as a way of life and see no harm in spreading their ideologies. Our brothers, whose hearts are full of the beauties brought by the morality of Islam, who are conscientious and thus have remained desperate due to the prevailing system of persecution, are surely beyond this.)

For instance, the sole reason for the disorder that prevails currently in Syria is the imposition of communism upon pure Muslims there. Although inner conflicts have been continuously portrayed as conflicts among some Islamic schools in some certain press organs, what prevails currently in Syria is a struggle between communists and Muslims. Since the time of Hafez al-Assad, Syria has been under  Marxist-communist rule. With this aspect, Syria is the one of the leading representatives of Arab socialism.

As one would remember, the administration of Hafez al-Assad  had been enjoying very warm relations with the former Soviet Union and banned the advocation of all views other than the communist ideology embraced by the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. All Islamic movements were restricted, Islamic leaders were arrested and martyred, and Muslims went through a time of great oppression, violence and torture. In the  1982, Hafez al-Alssad and his brother Rifad al-Assad committed an enormous massacre in the cities of Hama and Hummis, martyring some forty thousand Muslims. Today Syria led by Bashar al-Assad , the son of Hafez al-Assad, the incessant massacres going on in Syria everyday simply prove that the socialist-communist ideology prevalent in the country has not changed a bit.

 (For further information, please refer to http://www.arapalemindedarwinistfitne.com/)

The Ba'athist mindset of Hafez al-Assad is still going on in the country. Currently the Syrian administration is almost completely  under the control of Russia. Almost all the experts in Syria are Russians. The Syrian youth and officers generally receive their training in Russia or China. They speak Russian and Chinese fluently. It is possible to see Syrians in every corner of Russia, for this is a communist bloc and communist structure which has been unceasingly existing for years. The conflicts going on in Syria today are the Muslim’s struggle to remove this communist system. For the first time in its history, Syria is facing such a resolute and strong resistance against communism. Before the very eyes of the world, they see no harm in massacring their own people, for they no longer know what to do.

The dominance of the Shanghai bloc is not solely limited to the Middle East. The communist parties in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have, for instance, remained  very strong. North European countries are under the direct control of  communist parties. The communist administrations are already in power in the  majority of the South American countries. Since  WWII, the administrations in countries such as China, Laotian and Vietnam have never changed.

As all these suggest, the Shanghai bloc, which is the major representative of the communist ideology, holds control over a very important part of the world.

All these facts must lead us to grasp the dimensions of the threat very well. It is evident that apart from the short-term measures, essentially long-term measures must be resorted to against the conflicts occurring in the Islamic countries which have assumed the task of being the spokesman of the Shanghai

bloc and the unrest among the Arab countries. The UN, NATO, The EU, America and the European countries’ embargoing the Syrian administration due to the ongoing conflicts and Iran, in the case of any threat, would be, as a first resort, highly dissuasive.

But of course  this is not  a definite solution that will eradicate the communist threat in those regions. The absolute solution is the removal of the communist mindset and the perverted materialist mindset, in other words, the ideology. This materialist, Darwinist and communist ideology in the minds of the people have been formed with great effort by years of education and sophisticated propaganda.  Elimination of this ideology is again possible only by education, a very serious intellectual campaign and effort. What has to be accomplished is to reveal the invalidity of Darwinism, which is the basis of communism, by means of scientific evidence and prove that the fake truths brought by the communist mindset are deprived of any scientific basis. Once this superstitious creed is eliminated from their minds , violence, massacres, hatred, and conflicts will also lose their ideological basis, the communist bloc will fade in history, and people will learn to experience love in their lives.



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