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The European press must immediately say “stop” to fascist propaganda

Racist policies aimed against immigrants, and particularly Muslim population, over the last 15-20 years in a number of European countries, especially Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and Austria, are gaining in strength. The share of the vote of parties with fascist tendencies is growing and racist groups are enjoying secret or open support. In 2012 there are still racist-fascist parties in the parliaments of the 16 of the 27 member countries of the EU. Racist statements attract particular support at election times. Various acts of violence, that it is no exaggeration to refer to as slaughter, reveal the serious nature of the situation. For example, the fascist militant Anders Behring Breivik savagely murdered 77 people in Norway in July 2011. His trial which began in April is very significant in terms of once again revealing the persistent rise in racism in Europe.

The harm caused by the spread of fascist statements must not be ignored

Breivik’s case has been broadcast live on many European TV channels; newspapers and the radio – albeit unwittingly – abetted this fanatical killer’s anti-Muslim and anti-migrant fascist propaganda.

This monster, who constantly reiterated after the massacre that his aim was to "tell the whole world of his perverse ideology and to spread his racist ideas and to attract attention" and who wanted "his video and manifesto in which he sets out his fascist opinions to be disseminated," seems to have achieved that end. As a result of the propaganda that has been going on for almost a year, he has been awarded so-called hero status by racist fascist groups hostile to Muslims and migrants. His manifesto is on thousands of web sites, and European fascists are excitedly monitoring and spreading the killer’s pictures, words, videos and racist statements during the hearings.

The European and world press are – albeit unwillingly – abetting the propagandizing of this psychopathic killer and his perverse ideology. They have effectively become marketing agents for a criminal who murdered 77 young people in cold. They literally encourage admiration, particularly among young people who are spiritually empty and have a tendency to racist and separatist views. 

Their actions cannot be excused in terms of “freedom of opinion.” This is effectively encouraging racist fascism and this barbarity. This propaganda is effectively telling racist fascists, crazed murderers, and sadists who delight in killing tens of people, in Europe and all over the world, that "you too should do such things and kill that many people. Let us make you famous, too. You can spend 20 years in a prison like a luxurious hotel, or even avoid prison at all by pretending to be insane.” For all these reasons, the European press must immediately stop propagandizing – albeit unwillingly – for this monster who is trying to portray himself as a so-called patriotic hero.

What needs to happen to obstruct the propaganda of monsters such as Breivik is that the trial should proceed closed to the press. This killer should not be allowed to turn every hearing into a fascist circus because any word or action in those hearings on the society will inevitably be destructive. Even now on the internet many ignorant people have declared this psycho to be a hero, praised his behavior on the television and interpreted his racist salute in the hearings as a message.

The fascist propaganda going on –in the absence of any rebuttal- has already had a huge and devastating impact. The European press needs to act in a responsible manner before it is too late. It must stop acting as an instrument of this wide-ranging fascist propaganda, and must act in a determined manner, through sanctions if necessary. A look at events from the past and remembering the true face of fascism will make the urgency of this even clearer.  

Fascism is a policy of savagery that targets human values

Various methods are employed to seek to justify fascism, a bloody ideology that has wreaked great harm on humanity. Not only was it the cause of the death and torture of tens of millions of people merely because of their race, and the savagery of the Second World War in the last century, but it has also sought to destroy all human values wherever it has emerged, by contributing to a "climate of fear."

Fascism is actually the hidden ideology in many countries in the world, even if it is not actually called by that name. Fascist thinking, the cause of much conflict, civil war and slaughter, is also spreading to the "streets" in many countries, and vicious, angry communities are now emerging, who barbarically enjoy violence and bloodshed.

The education system must be changed if fascism is to be eradicated

In order to defeat fascism, it is first necessary to understand what fascism is. Fascism is a culture. At its roots are paganism, the Darwinist concept of "conflict," and Darwinian racism. In order for fascism to be done away with, these superstitions need to be torn down.

However, the methods used tend to produce the opposite of the desired effects. The Western nations which confront fascist gangs and spend millions of dollars on trying to catch, punish and destroy them, are actually all the while assisting in the spread of fascist groups, because they offer a Darwinist education to their young people. They teach them in school the lie that life is an arena of brutality, a battleground, and such Darwinist concepts as that one has to be ruthless and fight in order to survive. They also propagate the idea that man is a species of animal that evolved from an ape-like creature, and therefore, that there are "advanced" and "backward" races in this evolutionary process. It is almost inevitable that someone who has received such an education will become a fascist. With the imposition of Darwinism on large masses of people, fascism is spreading rapidly, both culturally and in an organized form. 

For that reason, there needs to be an “effective intellectual struggle against fascism” across the world.

In order to get rid of fascism, Darwinism, the so-called scientific basis of the ideology, has to be defeated and people have to instead be taught the concepts of love, affection, compassion, humility, understanding, and justice.

The only way for bloody ideologies such as fascism to be eliminated from history is through anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist education. As in the case of Breivik, the perverse teachings of Darwinism lead to bloody and ruthless consequences. If one wants to put an end to terror and bloodshed, the most effective means of doing so is to tell people of the invalidity of Darwinism and to show, with full supporting scientific evidence, that it is utterly groundless.

From Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on April 18, 2012 on A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no need to let him talk for two hours. Sentence him and send him away. Why prolong the matter? They are letting him engage in endless fascist propaganda. He is a psycho and an attention-seeker. He wants people to hear his message and is using the press to that end. The whole judicial process should be closed to the press. They should just sentence him and have done. It is disgraceful and wrong to make the process a wide-ranging propaganda tool and to encourage such maniacs. As if to say, if you also commit murders like that and behave like a psycho, we will make you famous, too. Nothing will happen. You can plead insanity or serve 20 years, and the prison there are really comfortable anyway, and we will make you world famous. That is the kind of logic they are developing. That is very wrong and ugly. The man is making fascist propaganda day and night, and the echoes of that last for months afterward. They must drop all that. We must warn the European press.


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