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Passages about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the Torah

Jewish sources say the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear from Istanbul. Judaic sources dating back 3000 years. “Just as Moses, after revealing himself to his brethren in Egypt and announcing them to that deliverance was near” after making his presence felt and saying that the reign of Islam was nigh, “was forced to go into hiding for a time,…” The Mahdi (pbuh) will remain hidden. His time of seclusion is being described. “so also will Messiah be forced to hide himself after the first revelations.” He will remain hidden. Our Prophet (pbuh) also says, “The Mahdi (pbuh) will remain hidden.” It is the same, do you see? (Numbers Rabbah, Chap. II; Song of Songs Rabbah, (2:9); Pesikta Rabbathi, Chap. 36)

Song of Songs 2/9. “Just as Moses was raised in the House of Pharaoh in Egypt,” It will happen in Istanbul. Where there are Darwinists and materialists. It says it will be in Istanbul. “Both had to appear and then hide.” He will closely resemble the Prophet Moses (pbuh). In the hadiths, our Prophet (pbuh) says he will resemble the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in that respect. “He will remain concealed like the Prophet Moses (pbuh),” he says in a hadith. Look, a book dating back 3000 years says the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will be concealed, insha’Allah. “To be sure, the “light of the Messiah” which is to shine wondrously into the world, is not always seen as breaking in with complete suddenness;” It says he will not appear all at once, the Mahdi (pbuh). “it may become visible by gradations and stages...” He will appear gradually, it says. “It is told of Rabbi Hiyya and Rabbi Simeon that they walked in the valley of Arbela early in the morning and saw the dawn breaking on the horizon. Thereupon Rabbi Hiyya said: So too is Israel’s redemption [through King Messiah]; at first it will be only very slightly visible, then it will shine forth more brightly and only afterwards will it break forth in all of its glory.” What does Bediüzzaman say? “Even if there is a false dawn, the true dawn will appear in 30-40 years’ time.” The Sun will appear, he says. What does it say here? There will be a false dawn first. The first rays of the Sun will be seen, then will com the true dawn, the Sun. The Torah says what Bediüzzaman said 3000 years later. The same. “Just as Moses was raised in the House of Pharaoh in Egypt, so the Messiah will be in Rome. Both had to appear and then hide.

In the same way that Moses (pbuh) was raised in the house of Pharaoh, among the enemies of his own people, the Messiah (pbuh)  will grow up in the city of Rome, in Istanbul.” In other words, somewhere in which people live by Darwinism and materialism. He will strive against Darwinism and materialist belief.

Istanbul is the place of saintly figures, but also one of antichrists. The Torah notes this fact. Look, a blessed individual such as the Mahdi (pbuh) is there, but there are also people like satan there, the supporters of the antichrist. “Ben Levi meets the Prophet Elias and asks, ‘Where can I find Moshe, the Mahdi (pbuh)?’ Elias replies, ‘go to the gate of Rome, of Istanbul’.” Masha’Allah, Topkapı. Istanbul has a number of gates. “You will find him there.” You will find him in Istanbul, he says. How many years ago? Three thousand years.

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