Harun Yahya

Turkish troops are a guarantee for the Afghan people, of course they must be in Afghanistan

A new debate has arisen recently over the presence of Turkish troops  in Afghanistan. Some people have criticized Turkish troops being based in other countries outside Turkey, and have maintained that they went into Afghanistan to support the USA. The most likely  reason for these criticisms is that they have failed to fully grasp why Turkish troops are present in Afghanistan.

Of course Turkish troops must be in Afghanistan. Firstly, Afghanistan is not a foreign land. It is a land inhabited by Muslims. We have a duty as Muslims to be there to protect and defend our Muslim brothers. That is a commandment of the Qur’an. Muslims must be there as protectors wherever in the world Muslims are being oppressed.

Second, Turks are in Afghanistan as observers. The presence of our troops there is most important in that regard. They are all there as observers for the identification of people disposed to commit evil. The presence of Turkish troops is a psychological guarantee for the people of Afghanistan. That is why it is so important for our troops to be based in Afghanistan, especially where oppression is worst.

It is true that in political terms, Turkish troops went to Afghanistan at the request of the USA; however, that does not alter the aim behind our troops presence there. The Afghan people will feel safe so long as Turkish troops are there. They feel safe and secure when they learn that the troops protecting them are Turks and Muslims.

What really needs to happen is for Turkish troops to be in the region as a Turkish-Islamic Union peace-keeping force, and the country’s security should be completely entrusted to the Turkish military. That is the only way of ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan. Therefore, it would be proper for the Afghan government to issue a statement asking all other countries to pull out and requesting that only Turkish troops remain. As a result of the Afghan government making such a decision, the entire country will be entrusted to loving Muslim, Turkish troops of good conscience, and security can soon be established throughout the country. Such a decision being taken by the Afghan government would be a major development of the greatest importance. It would also be a major step for Turkish-Islamic Union.

The current situation in Afghanistan and arguments about “What are Turkish troops doing there?” once again show how important and essential Turkish-Islamic Union is. Once we have Turkish-Islamic Union, all countries will come together within the peace, security and love of Islam and the horrific scenes we have witnessed across Afghanistan will never, ever happen again. The whole world is aware how Turkey is acting as an older brother. People are coming to understand the need for Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership ever more clearly. In fact, there should also be a Turkish military presence in countries such as Iraq and Syria, where internal conflict is currently going on. The presence of Turkish troops would provide an immediate relief and improve the situations there. These will be the first steps toward Turkish-Islamic Union, and by these means Turkey must carry out its work as an elder brother in establishing the Turkish-Islamic Union and bringing peace to the entire world.

So to ask, “What business do we have in Afghanistan?” is equivalent to asking, “What need is there for Turkish-Islamic Union?” Turkey must surely spread its protective wings over Muslim countries. Our nation is a sincere and honest one that has assumed the task of uniting countries under the roof of Turkish-Islamic Union and of serving Allah. Our nation has been given the global task of protecting the Unity of Islam. By Allah’s leave, Turkish-Islamic Union will be a union of willing volunteers that will enable all countries of the world, not just Muslim countries, to live in peace and security, untroubled by danger and oppression.

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