Harun Yahya

The Web Edition of Express Tribune remarks about the impact of Mr. Adnan Oktar's works in Pakistan

The web edition of the Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, often reports about Mr. Adnan Oktar and his anti-evolutionary works. In these articles, it is observed that the columnists—who are also themselves evolutionists—can not help to accept that Mr. Oktar carries out a very important work against the theory of evolution.

In its February 20th, 2012 issue there is reference to Mr. Adnan Oktar and his works as follows:

there is now a growing body of literature on ‘Muslim Creationism’ … This Islamic development on the science front has been led by the likes of Harun Yahya, alias Adnan Oktar a man whose books are found in many Pakistani homes with titles such as “The Evolution Deceit”, “Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity”, “The Design in Nature” and “Fascism The Bloody Ideology of Darwinism”.

In its March 11th, 2012 issue, there is also mention to the impact of Mr. Oktar’s works:

“…What accounts for the rising influence of ‘’Islamic Creationism’’ are the works of Harun Yahya. Yahya has no apparent credentials as a reputable scientist yet his word is taken as gospel truth by millions of Muslims. “

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