Harun Yahya

The Egyptian Gazzette carried Mr. Adnan Oktar's view on secularism

The Egyptian Gazzette, an English-language Egyptian daily, carried an article about the secular system in Turkey in its March 9th, 2012 issue. Idris Tawfiq, a British Muslim who is a lecturer at Al-Azhar University and a former ordanied Catholic priest in Vatican, also mentioned Mr. Adnan Oktar’s views about secularism in his article, “Learning from Turkey’s secular state?”.

“Muslim writer and intellectual, Harun Yahya, believes that “secularism is the safeguard of Islam.” Instead, he says, of the hypocrisy of women with very little religion, dressed in long black robes, or men in white robes and long beards, we must distinguish Muslims by the integrity of their lives and the goodness of their characters. Secularism, he believes, allows those with no religion to be identified as such, whilst sincerely believing Muslim men and women are allowed the freedom to practice their faith.”

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