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Ron Mastro, the Amerıcan teacher and businessman, told onıslam.net how he embraced Islam by means of the works of Harun Yahya

OnIslam.net, an Islamic website broadcasting from Egypt published an interview conducted by the American teacher and businessman.

In the -interview, Ron Mastro expressed how he embraced Islam by means of the works of Harun Yahya:

“When I was a child, I was raised as a Christian in the United States. I went to church every Sunday and I went to Sunday school, as so many American children do. But by the time I was ten or eleven years old, I stopped going; unfortunately, I couldn’t find the answers that I was looking for, and sadly, the explanations that I received just weren’t very good.

In my teen years, I had abandoned religion all-together. I never did anything “bad,” but I had just simply forgotten of God, I forgot that God exists and that God does love all mankind.

By my early thirties, I had moved to Praque in the Czech Republic. One day, when I was on my way home, I stopped at the train station, and in the train station there was a small bookstore. As I was looking through the titles, almost all of which were in Czech, I found one book in English “Matter: The Other Name for Illusion” by Harun Yahya. Being it was an English book, and my Czech at that time was not very good, naturally, I purchased it.

I took the book home and started reading it. And as I read this book, I realized that it answered many of the questions that I had had in my younger years. What is the nature of reality? What is truth? These were questions that could not be answered for me in my younger years.

These things happen, of course, I’m aware of that, but as I dove deeper and deeper into the book, more and more things began to make sense to me. I began to understand and comprehend things on a much higher level than I had before.

On the back of the book was the website address, harunyahya.com, so I got on my computer and began reading other books that he had, and I found them to be fascinating, very well-done, very interesting and most important of all, very good and answering all the questions that I’d had.

I started watching many of the video documentaries and short films that were also on the website, and found them to be immensely entertaining and very very insightful.

It was through this, because of my innate curiosity that I managed to acquire a copy of the Glorious Quran. And so, I started reading the Quran from the first surah. And as I finished reading it, a few days later, in my heart I realized that what I was dealing with was the truth. Alhamdulillah (Thankful praise be to Allah).

I realized that Qur'an was truly the word of God as revealed through the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It answered so many of the questions that I’d had; questions regarding Jesus, peace be upon him, questions regarding Moses, Daniel, Ezekiel and many of the other great prophets of Allah, peace be upon them all.

And I began to realize slowly with a gradual opening of my heart that it was the way of Islam that is truly the way to know God, that Islam is the true religion of mankind.

I owe many of these things and my own coming to Islam to Harun Yahya.Alhamdulillah,  today I’m now living in Germany, I have good work, I’m very happy with what I have, I’m very happy in what I do. I make my prayers everyday, and I know that even if I had done bad things in the past, because I have turned in sincere repentance to Allah, that Allah will forgive me for my sins. It is thanks to Islam that I have found, at last, peace and it is thanks to Harun Yahya that I came to Islam.

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