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Arutz Sheva website carries news of Mr. Adnan Oktar's response to Mufti's hatred-provoking statements

A Palestinian mufti, misinterpreting a hadith of the Prophet (saas), made a speech inciting Muslims to kill Jews. Mr. Adnan Oktar responded criticizing this incitement by the mufti on his nightly talk show broadcast on the A9TV satellite television channel.

On January 16th, 2012, Arutz Sheva, an independent news website published in Hebrew, English, French and Russian, carried the news of Mr. Oktar’s response. (Click here to listen to Mr. Oktar’s full response.)

Aretz Sheva quoted Mr. Oktar’s statements as follows:

"Rather than getting involved in such persecution and making effort for the salvation of Palestine, let's struggle for the salvation of the entire Islamic world," he suggested. "Let's demand the Unity of Islam and Hazrat Mahdi (the Islamic Messiah)," Oktar recommended.”

"May Allah make Hazrat Mahdi our leader. Jews await King Messiah and we are awaiting Hazrat Mahdi. They are the same person."

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