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Sean Stone, the son of famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone, embraced Islam

Sean Stone, the 27 year old filmmaker embraced Islam while working on a documentary in Iran. Stone maintained that his embracement of Islam should not be seen as a renunciation of other faiths and that he embraced Prophet Muhammad (saas) along with other prophets. In response to a question regarding the End Times of the Iranian TV channel, Stone said:

“People talk about 2012 as the end of the world but I think that it is the end of a cycle. And all around I see people waking up spiritually. Because the world is changing, the consciousness of human being is changing.And so we must continue them to bring the Light in…And by doing that we align with the Mahdi. We can do it, anyone can join his army as soon he chooses to bring light.”

Sean Stone replied CNN’s question about his embracement of Islam thus:

“Being there, seeing Islam in practice, having read Quran , having studied Islam at Oxford and  Princeton both, I just feel that is an extension of Judeo-Christian heritage and Mohammed is a prophet in that same line going back to Abraham. I reaffirm my belief in God…”


In another statement to CNN, Sean Stone said:

“Clash of civilization is nonsense. We have heard this model  especially since the 90s particular. and this conception that  Jews, Christians, and Muslims cannot live in harmony. I want to end that, that rhetoric and say I am a Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and I want to be able to understand all three religions and have a dialogue with people from all across the border.”

Regarding how his father responded his decision, Stone said:

“He [Oliver Stone] said Allah be with you.”

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